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Seduction Tools

Certainly, there’s no one-size-fits all recipe for creating chemistry with that cute guy you keep running into on the bus. One of the biggest sources of attraction is a healthy dose of self-confidence. Thus armed with the knowledge of your fabulousness, here are a few other things to keep in mind before kicking off a campaign to catch his interest:

1. Enough money of your own to let him know you’re not interested in his.

2. Flip-flops, stilettos and the sense to know which’ll work best on him.

3. Dance moves that don’t look like moves (but totally are).

4. An overgrown bikini wax and ratty undies ā€” a virtual guarantee someone will undress you tonight.

5. A busy life full of friends, work, to-dos, ta-das and, oh yes, maybe, just maybe, time for a date sometime next week.

6. A birth control plan that heads off any post-seduction panic.

7. Underwear too sexy to wear under anything.

8. A dirty joke you can tell with confidence.

9. Steady eye contact (a lost art).

10. Knowing that your real body ā€” no boob job, no butt implants, no Botox ā€” is the best seduction tool of all.


Ok ladies something that some of us forgot to be sexy and remember that we are (our body) is the deadliest weapon of all when it comes to our bitter half…oooppss!!! I mean better half.


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