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Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo

Everyone loves wedding. Most especially where simplicity, elegance and solemnity of the big day is preserved. One of the most awaited celebrity couple who tied the knot a few weeks ago. The whole showbiz industry was awaken with a big surprise that Judy Ann and Ryan got married last April 28 at 6:30 AM in Batangas.

The people who were involved kept their silence and lips sealed with epoxy and crazy glue until the day. Even the guests that were invited got puzzled with their so unique invitation but in the end they got what they want for their big day.

More than a decade ago I still remember my big day. It was just 5 of us. Me,the groom, my dad, my stepmom and my aunt. We didn’t got married with a lavish ceremony and reception. Not even a cake was in sight. We just wanted a very simple wedding and plan for the our future. Of course my dad gave me away and stood as our witness was my Aunt, my step mom, my dad, the minister, ourselves and God. We kept our promised and renewed it every year. Of course each married couple has their rough paths and misunderstandings too but we always prayed that we will be able to surpass the typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes and sandstorms that are coming our way. And each year the typhoons, earthquakes, hurricanes and sandstorms grows bigger and bigger but no natural calamities or disaster that we cannot survived and withstand.

After the ceremony, we ate at a nearby Chinese fast food and made our fortune cookies as our cake. Went home and celebrated with a trip to Universal City Walk, just the two of us. We even can’t believe that we already got married and later on broke the news to his side of the family.

If I have to it over again and owed thousands just to have my dream wedding than I would rather have the simple ceremony we had and make our future a brighter one. Of course I still dream to make my dream wedding a reality…..

Maybe during our 25th wedding anniversary or 50th perhaps….