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Where’s My Other Half?

Back in the days and before coming to America I was slim and healthy. A weigh only 98 to 105 pounds and if lucky I can reach 110. A 24 to 26 waistline and I wasn’t even dieting, I was just enjoying life and dancing my work away. I was a Dance Intructress before, a ballroom dance instructress. I would dance from 6 to 8 hours in the morning and another 6 hours morning at night. The schedule was hectic but managed it. The first few months was grueling for my body cannot seem to identify the day and night. But after awhile everything just fell on it’s places.

I missed teaching ballroom and dancing to my ever loyal dance partner. I found the foxtrot hard to learn and rhumba. Why because I can’t sway my hips right and my timing was bad …. 🙂 But with much perseverance I learned and love the dances. I love latin dances than the standard ones. I like that up beat tempo but also learned to hold my frame correctly. That’s why I need to get back in shape.

I didn’t become fat overnight nor I just neglected myself. I stop exercising and being a mom and a wife and all the others that comes with it. I became lazy didn’t realized what I am doing to myself. Well, half of me knows it and the other half is in denial for. America didn’t make me fat. I made myself fat plus the never ending parties here and there. Portion wise they give a big portion even the salad can drowned you when they served it.

Now I am trying to take control of what I eat and portion wise. I exercise regularly and walks at least 30 mins. Doing pilates and some band exercise helps. I know I still have a long journey of me and I hope I will win it this time.

Come on and let’s get healthy together!!!