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At least I tried…

Every since that I could remember I am one of those people who cannot stand messy places. If I know that it can be cleaned and fixed I will do it myself. Even if I am at somebody’s else’s house or place.

And believe me I tried not to react at least or even say a word but, then again they certainly respond when my voice started to get a little high pitched and silences moves in. I just don’t get it. When my voice is calm and I am still yapping they don’t respond and when my voice change as if that’s the first time they heard me.

When I got home tonight the house was not just messy but in total chaos as if hurricane Katrina came and left a thousand times… I mean the aftermath kind. I asked nicely nothing happened and you know what’s next.

At least I tired to be nice and say thing calmly but they respond to the high pitched and next is silent treatment. Well, the house is not fully clean but will be soon… 🙂