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Friday thoughts…


I am embracing the much awaited extra days I will be spending with my family and could mean a hit or a miss. Well, I am hoping for a hit and hope everything will work out according to plan.

Halo Halo I missed eating this. During hot days in Philippines and even here this is what I always crave for.

White Sheets and freshly laundry. Oh, yes! I always go gaga on white sheets even with prints and stripes. I always love the smell of fresh laundry .

Brownies and Chocolate Moist Cake. Now I really miss my Aunt and cousin who can whip up the most moist chocolate cake I ever tasted and even the high end stores can compare. Maybe this weekend we will make brownies… Not a bad idea.

Treadmill, long walks and pilates. This I got to do religiously and regularly. If I can make it into a twice a day or even three times a day that would really be great. I am not a fun of any exercise but I can help you build something from scratch or help you putting up some tiles and hardwood floors. I really do not mind the hard work but lately I have been very lazy when it comes to getting healthy. I just can’t find the energy to do so. But I still love long long long walks around the park, window shopping and watching the sunset.

Co-Workers. The people that I am with almost half of my day are mostly my co-workers turned to friends. They never failed to make my day run fast and never a dull moment. Although, sometimes someone can messed up a beautiful conversation just by being tactful and not knowing….

Vanity of a lady. I loved being a girl. I love having some manicures and pedicures but it has been so costly here especially if I have to do it over the weekend. I make time to go on their happy hours. Yes, that’s right manicures and pedicures got happy hours too. I wash and apply moisturizer for my face and also uses facial mask every other day. I rarely used make up aside from the eyebrows and lipstick but that’s just about it. I do not even used foundation, or pressed powder or a blush. I love drowning my skin with lotion and up until now I still used Johnson’s &  Johnson’s baby lotion the one in the pink bottle. I seldom spray or put on some perfume instead I want to smell like a baby and have some baby cologne to splash a little bit of scent here and there.

My Family. They are my ever constant fan and most loyal friend ever. I can’t wait to see them in a little while. They are the ones who keep the house messy and make my every plan a detour. I am hoping to come home to a cleaner house that it was yesterday.