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Shoes & Handbags


I didn’t even realized of how many bags and shoes I got until I cleaned up my side of the closet. I as I started purging I remember when I bought it and why. I do not have a lot of brand names shoes or bags. I am not for the brand but for the usage of it and how well can it carry my things.

I even got a pursed that I got for $7.00 and later found out that it was retailed for $65.00 and went to the store and compare it. It was the same bag for a much bargain price that I got.

I bought shoes last 2 years ago and more and they still look good and comfortable. I do not buy shoes for the heck of it but for the purpose and is it comfortable to walk or run with. I am kinda a practical gal. I like to buys things on sale and if needed not because I want it.

Like what my husband says ” I am becoming to be like Imelda Marcos.” She got thousands of shoes and I got only a few… And my daughter is following my footsteps. She got her stack of shoes and containers of bags too. Not to mention that as early as 1 year old she already packed her closet and even up until now.

I used to buy bags and match it with my shoes and later discovered that the bag and shoes are ok not to match.  And not all bag will look good on you. You got to try it and walk around it and feel the bag. Is it right for you and all….