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Beachy Weekend

Kikay&Kikoy052409Before diving into the water and playing with the sand.

Went to Oxnard State Beach Park. Boy, it was so crowded and beautiful. We stayed near the playground and restroom. The wait for the restroom is about 10 minutes give and take. But the Mr. Sun was hiding and playing peek-a-boo at us. It was hot and cold. When the winds blow it gets chilly and when Mr. Sun shines down it nice. We enjoyed our little get away and boy the traffic was impossible. We even passed by an accident, the car over turned and went off the freeway roof down. Scary and as we passed by the accident we say a prayer for the people or person involved.

We got there a little bit late so we thought but some people are still put up there tents and barbecue grills. We came, we enjoyed, had fun and left. Now we know that there are other beaches we can explore and this is our 1st ever memorial weekend that we have traveled. We usually stays home and do a marathon of movies with popcorn for the rest of the memorial weekend.

While the kids where enjoying the sea, the sand and Mr.Sun. Emmy, John and Myself walked a little bit so we can just walked. There we saw a dead baby seal. I felt sad when I saw the dead seal and there was this crazy put throwing stones at the dead animal. It seems like he was exhausted and was ready to die. I said my prayers for the poor creature.

I bravely stayed under the overcast sun while my kiddos enjoyed the sun, water and building and buried them myself with beach sands. We surely had a great time and before it gets cold we packed and clean and off we all went home.



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