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Thankful Thoughts…


They are the reason that why each day I get up and face each challenge.

My family has and have been my backbone through out the years. No matter what happens they are there to guide and support you. Of course, there’s the pointing of fingers and if you have only listen this and that blah, blah, blah and so on. We will never hear this what we all call “sermons” if they don’t love and care for us.

They endure and understand all my mood swings, tantrums name it and they have endure that with me. They stood not behind me but by my side and held me with their arms when I was about to give up. Each hugs and kisses are much appreciated. Their smiles melt my heart and make my tiredness go away. Their Mom I love you only means and shows of how they appreciated what you do for them.

During this time of recession they do not mind to stay home more often, cut back on movies, eating out and buying their wants and needs. Like what they say it can wait. There is always tomorrow and other days for those unimportant things. I am so thankful for them thinking this way. They have developed a likeness of staying in the kitchen while I am busy preparing anything. Kuya helped a lot in putting things away and washing the dishes. Kikay also helped in setting the table, wiping the table before and after eating and sometimes washes the dishes too. They both got their own chores to accomplished everyday. Homework is always top priority no matter what.

Just like any other family we also have our battles and arguments to settle. But we always make sure to settle it fairly and equally. I just love them to death. I am proud to be their mom and his wife.

Through life experiences I have learned to understand the ups and downs of marriage and being a mom. I am not strict or lenient but I listen to their explanations and reasons and I always asked them so what’s our solution to the problem. I make suggestion and make them understand the consequences of their actions. So far it has been working but sometimes they just want to push our buttons to where we will squeak. Of course each parents have different style of parenting. Mine might not work on yours and vice versa.

My family a whole lot of reasons why I loved them to death.