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As the sun starts setting I look back at my accomplishments for the day. I am thankful that I got work and is surrounded with a balance set of people. Although, sometimes it makes me wonder what if I will my a slight curve on how I approach things how will they react?

Ever wonder why people are quick to point out a mistake and put the blame on you instead of isolating and find a solution to a problem but instead they have judge you without even reviewing the evidence and just hearing the latest feedback they can contain.

That’s why sometimes it’s ok to answer or reason out in a respectful way and tone because it for your own good and to let them know that you are with them and not somewhere else.

If you find a problem think, stop, breath, pause and collect the evidence from there you can start reviewing and isolate things one by one and each step you will find a solution. Isn’t it that how it is supposedly done?

After each day I always looked back and still thankful for all the blessings we have received and continue too. Tomorrow is another day, another challenge and another problem to finding a solution.

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As the alarm blares off I am thankful for another day here on earth. Thankful to be alive and with my family. Another day has been given to me. Another day that lies full of challenges that I know I can conquer. Sunrise is just of the most fascinating things I want to see. But today, the sun is no where in sight. It’s kinda gloomy morning but let’s see what tomorrow brings. Maybe tomorrow Mr. Sun will shine it’s beautiful rays on us.

Thank you for each beautiful day.

Enjoy each day like it’s your last. Live…. Love….. Laugh and Enjoy!!!