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Looking forward


As each season changes, I am so looking forward to hang out by the patio area on the weekend. HavingĀ  a cup of hot cocoa and breakfast or snacks during lazy days and just simply cuddling with my honey.

I love planting plants. I am a desperate gardener. Desperate in a way that I want my own greenhouse and able to plant a wide variety of greenery and flowers. I love planting and take the credit from Mom. I remember one afternoon where she took a plant and got some rich dark soil and moist and a larger pot and she pot the old plant to the new pot and then she told me that is what they called repotting. She said I am repotting the old plant so that it can grow big.

Aside from the love of blogging, photography, cooking, cleaning and many others. I heart gardening also. I remember when hubby told me “Are we still in the city or in the jungle?” I got upset but than laughed about it. I didn’t realized my plants were growing in on me.

Now the kids are a little bit older they are so fascinated and so into planting and saving Mother Earth. We need greenery and flowers by our patio to look at….

Looking forward this weekend to pot some plants and do some filing as well. Need to organize our paper works before it attacks us.