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Yesterday at work everything was going according to the scheduled as plan. Hubby called a little before lunch time that Mom will be spending the weekend with us and they are headed to Thai Barbecue with Benjie, Mom and himself. He then said, by the way Mom will be staying for the weekend with us. Oooohhhh!!! Got to cancel Pinky’s birthday, going to the salon and lunch with a good friend. Got out of work at around 2:30 and went to see our PCP and also had some tests done.

It’s a good detour for we also need a break from the four of us. Went to the mall and just simply had a great time with Mom here. We walked a lot this time. Mom had a great time walking, checking some stuff and being with us. We missed Pops too and hope he gets better soon.

Dropping Mom tomorrow or whenever she feels like going home. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Our weekend simply made a detour. A detour well spent and worth it every seconds and steps we have spent with Mom.


Will be potting my plants anything this week or end or so….