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A whole lot…


A whole lot of frustrations and I know it’s just how life works and how life is. I am not surprise about it anymore. Frustration for me came so early and we didn’t even know of how and what had happened. It caught us by surprise that remembering the even seems a blur.

I am just in my early 30’s and I have experienced a whole lot already in my lifetime. From a failed marriage/relationship, affairs, broken family, mistrust, misguided, dishonesty, disloyal and friends/relatives who are there in times of happiness and gone when the camera is turn off. A lot pain and regret and a whole lot of unanswered questions. Do I not dare asked? I wanted too but I do not want to be blame if something bad happens. So, I rather not know than to be accused of making someone ill or dead.

People that knew me, knows me as a strong and happy go lucky person, little did they know I am just like them. Maybe and perhaps I just know how to carry the problem as it comes. I have learned to save for the rainy days and save as much as you can. Wants are just wants. I have learned a whole lot thanks to life’s experiences and continue to learn more each day.

Frustrations and problems will never go away instead we should learned to accept them head on and lean back and think of what’s the best solution. I know I am not alone and I know someone out there is also drowning in frustrations like how I am right now.

Tomorrow’s another day and let’s see what tomorrow will brings.


The flower is from my little garden. It’s just so amazing how nature can make me smile.