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Back in the days as night time falls we hear a lot of natures natural sounds. The chirping of the birds and flapping their wings as they fly, the frogs croaked, while the cats meows and dogs barking here and there.

I missed those nights when I look up at a tree and looks like it’s being lit. I see fireflies.

Nowadays, we hear a lot of car sounds and honking, slowly we are polluting Mother Earth.A lot of trash has and have been dumped here and there and some trash evens up in the storm drain which leads to the ocean. How cruel can we be to our home? Earth is our planet. We should love it and care for it too.

This picture which I grabbed from my sister reminds me of how simple life was and if we really care for it nature will flourish again.

Someday our great grandkids will be able to enjoy a safer and cleaner Earth. Nature will sprung once again and we will be able to see fireflies and more….

Being with nature just makes me smile and be thankful…. 🙂