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After partying last night I barely could get up to hear mass but I pushed myself and the rest of my family. We all got to church a little bit late. After hearing mass I cooked breakfast spam, noodles (soup) and corned beef with potatoes. We all had a great breakfast.

As I am blogging I am cooking our dinner already and tidying things here. I just do not like to come home or being at home where mess is everywhere. I believe that everything that we used has a house of it’s on and when your done put it back where you got them to their house.

I do not know how many times I have told them that I do not like our home to be messy and as much as possible I want it to be clean not necessarily so organized and sterile.

I admit that I can still live with a little mess here and there but not necessary like a hurricane passed by.

I get up in the morning and as much as possible I fixed my bed without any fail. I hanged my towel and robe after each shower/bath. I dried up my toothbrush after each use and put it back to it’s house. When I am at home everything are almost in order until my kiddos and hubby touch them.

Lucky me that as I am cooking, blogging and tidying things up they are taking their naps.

This is how we are. I love to clean and they love to mess it up. I love to organize and tidy things and they do the opposite of it. Funny how we are so balance. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and have a great day!!!

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Uses of Lemon to:

1. Sanitize a chopping block. Run a slice of lemon over the surface to disinfect.
2. Eliminate the browning that occurs when food sits out too long. Sprinkle apple or pear slices with lemon juice before serving, or squeeze a bit into guacamole and give it a stir.
3. Remove tough food stains from plastic and light-colored wooden cutting boards. Slice a lemon in half, squeeze the juice onto the soiled surface, rub, and let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse with water.
4. Fade tea stains on cloth. Dilute lemon juice with an equal amount of water. Use an eyedropper or a Q-tip to make sure the juice targets the stain. Thoroughly flush with cool water.
5. Decorate on the cheap. Fill a glass bowl with lemons for a sunny centerpiece. Or display a row of them along a windowsill.
6. Relieve a sore throat. Cut a lemon in half. Skewer one half over a medium flame on a gas stove or an electric burner set on high and roast until the peel turns golden brown. Let cool slightly, then mix the juice with 1 teaspoon of honey. Swallow the mixture.
7. Whiten fingernails. Rub a wedge on the surface of your nails.
8. Shine the interior of copper cookware. Sprinkle a lemon wedge with salt, then scrub.
9. Brighten laundry whites. Add 1/2 cup lemon juice to the wash cycle of a normal-size load.
10. Remove soft cheese or other sticky foods from a grater. Rub both sides of the grater with the pulp side of a cut lemon.