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After partying last night I barely could get up to hear mass but I pushed myself and the rest of my family. We all got to church a little bit late. After hearing mass I cooked breakfast spam, noodles (soup) and corned beef with potatoes. We all had a great breakfast.

As I am blogging I am cooking our dinner already and tidying things here. I just do not like to come home or being at home where mess is everywhere. I believe that everything that we used has a house of it’s on and when your done put it back where you got them to their house.

I do not know how many times I have told them that I do not like our home to be messy and as much as possible I want it to be clean not necessarily so organized and sterile.

I admit that I can still live with a little mess here and there but not necessary like a hurricane passed by.

I get up in the morning and as much as possible I fixed my bed without any fail. I hanged my towel and robe after each shower/bath. I dried up my toothbrush after each use and put it back to it’s house. When I am at home everything are almost in order until my kiddos and hubby touch them.

Lucky me that as I am cooking, blogging and tidying things up they are taking their naps.

This is how we are. I love to clean and they love to mess it up. I love to organize and tidy things and they do the opposite of it. Funny how we are so balance. 🙂

Enjoy your weekend and have a great day!!!


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