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Is there such a thing?

This has and have been a problem with friends and family… of us being too good and too nice. But then again I always of what if we were on the other end and situation and of course I do not want to be on the other end of the rope.

But how can you say something not so nice in a respectful way? Is there such a thing?

You want to reason out but you are hesistant and concerned that the other side might take it differently and interpret it the other way around and here you are trying your best not to hurt anyone and yet they are the ones starting to ignite the fire.

Before blaming why not investigate and gather the evidence and start from there. But instead of the long version they do the shortest one they can get.

Life is just not fair anymore. You want to help out but at the end you end up the bad guy….. Where will I place myself now?