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Quiet Night

A quiet night

Friday came in quick and I literally had a quiet one. The only chaos that I attended too was ME. I was busy in the kitchen finishing baking brownies and cupcakes when I remember that we were supposed to go to Glendale.

We hurriedly changed and we were there just on cue before all the food was devoured. We stayed for 2 hours then we have to leave so I can finished up my business. But instead when we got home I literally crash.

I am no superwoman. After a long day at work, baking, tidying up and partying…. I guess I need to rest for tomorrow is another day that I need to be prepared of.

Enjoy your Friday nite!!!


The photo above I got it from a photoblog site. Thanks for posting some wonderful images.

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Baking & Wrapping

Right after dinner my night was spent mostly in the kitchen baking brownies and cupcakes. We had some taste testing and it’s a big 2 thumbs up and tomorrow night after work will put the finishing touches.

Gifts are wrapped for the prizes and the giveaways are done. What’s next to do decorate the place and have the things need in place.

And it’s party time everyone!!!

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Wish me luck…

Who knew that annoying and amusing can go hand in hand. As much as I do not want to entertain the thought of it, it still and does makes me laugh. Why pretend to be someone’s somebody when you are not, right? Just a negativity that has been running through my head and just won’t go away for the thought that she is still assuming to be the girl for him.

Anyways, the past few days I was working on a very hectic schedule and I am hoping to get a little bit rest over the weekend until I remember I got no rest in sight. With the endless parties coming up and endless request that I can’t say “No”. I am up to my eyebrows but I know it can be done. It’s not that they are asking me to do some extraordinary things.

I am still crossing my fingers for all of these parties to be a success….. 🙂

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How long can you hold a secret? Most definitely others can hold if for quite an amazing amount of time and while others just can’t, not even for a couple of months, days, weeks or hours.

I myself has hold secrets known to the other person and myself including and I have hold that secret and vowed no one on earth will not. Not a living soul I may say. I have kept my promised intact as I can be. No beans has ever spill on me.

I have kept the secrets in a secret place as well. Over a decade and beyond I kept my promise. Last night I paid that secret location a visited and relived ever secrets that was told to me. I even vividly remember some of what I was wearing and what my reaction and emotions was.

Some knew that I know something but not that same something that they know. Amazing that people trusted me with their secret. A secret that can ruined them if the beans will spill but not with me. It has been safe for over a decade plus.

Spilling the beans is just like betraying the person who trusted you keep that beans… beans of secrets.

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Can you inspire me?

Monday is here and honestly, my mind is somewhere else while my body is stuck here at work. A lot of things are running through my head from the most positive to the most negative I could think of.

I am so tired and bored of how life is going. I need something new, something that will inspire and mold me to be a better me. Something that will make the other me pop out and make wonders.

Work has made it more interesting and I am thinking of grabbing the offer that was presented, still thinking about it.

The dilemma is will I or will I not? Let’s debate about this…. 🙂