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Wednesday’s bonding

farmers marketAfter a long, productive and stressful day at work. My co-workers and I decided to go our nearby Farmers Market,which by the way happens in early April and ends in early October every year.

Here you can meet and talk to vendors just about anything about their products and what fruits and veggies will be available next year. You eat, drink and just enjoy the day which last until night time.

You get to buy from veggies, fruits, popcorn (Kettle Popcorn oh so delicious), handmade jewelries, tupperware, flowers, shirts and skirts and more. You get enjoy what our local farmers had grown and harvested. So far we had enjoyed our time so we might do this next week again. Who knows right.

We did had a nice time to unwind and just enjoyed the weather, the people and the company with co-workers/friends.

As I am finishing this blog my eyes wants to rest already. Ciao!!!