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The past week…

It has been crazy at home and at work. A lot of new admission, endless meetings and inservices. A whole of things to accomodate and so little time.

4th of July long weekend. No work on Friday but we had a little get together, a pool party. We had a blast and decided to have another pool party.

Farmers Market. Last Wednesday we had another round of get together and this time after work. We headed to our local Farmers Market for some shopping of fresh produce, veggies, plants, food and live music.

2nd Saturday of July. Our 2nd round of pool party and same venue. This time we are prepared. Just finished preparing the food for the barbecue and so ready for tomorrow. Be tan and not burned.

3rd Saturday. Another double birthday invite and this time I am so hoping to be there. I will just show up at your door if I can make it. Thanks for the invite once again.

3rd Sunday. Off to downtown LA for some quick shopping for a special baby girl celebration. I just hope the Ms. Creativity will be with me.

The last week of July is what I call crunch time for me. A surprise is on your way. Better be there and be surprise. I just hope with all the help I can have we can pull this off.

And in between this quite time I made dinner and our lunches. Invites as well and cooking something very important.