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Tuesday Updates

This coming 4 weeks will be a test to work and at home. How will I cope up and be as organize as possible? I do not know and I am hoping before the 4 weeks ends with the family, get together’s and parties I will be able to held up with the stress and fun.

I need to exercise more and make it a big priority. A need discipline in this area, just like my kids needs more discipline in cleaning and tidy up I need mine on exercising and staying focus. Just this past weekend my blood pressure went crazy and up until now it still chaotic. It’s either way high and way low.

I know I am into a lot of stress and not to mention the weather is not even helping out. We have been experiencing the triple digits and it’s not getting any better at all.

Pops got admitted to the hospital late Sunday. He has suffered a mild heart attack. What I am concerned about what triggered this attack? Anxiety, stress and what else. We haven’t been seen each other in like a month. We need to pay him a visit maybe this coming weekend. Round the people we will visit. So far he is doing well and doctors are keeping him for observation and hoping to be release soon.

Tuesday is here and I am so looking forward for the weekend and cooler temperatures. Enjoy your day and take care…. 🙂