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Wishing to be somewhere else hasn’t passed my mind. I would love to be near the beach, enjoying the sun or perhaps go shopping til I drop. It’s been awhile since I went shopping for myself and just buying things for myself.

Confused, super! I do not like abusing people’s help and letting them know of what’s going with our lives. For me the less they know the better. But for some reason you are doing the opposite. Seems like you want people to know of everything about what’s going on and what’s going to happen.

This past few weeks we have been off the chart and off the map. If a GPS can been installed it will go haywire for we are going in different directions.

Help is appreciated so much but when will you learn to move and go on without anybody’s help? You got all this plans of plans and it just remain to be a plan. Sometimes, plans need action and of course your answer would be, how can I pursue the plan if I do not have enough money? Then the answer would be, get better fast so that you can make that money you are talking about.

I am up to my nostrils already and I do not know how long can I take these or will I ever take these again…….

A dream will remain a dream if we will not make it into a reality.