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How long can you hold a secret? Most definitely others can hold if for quite an amazing amount of time and while others just can’t, not even for a couple of months, days, weeks or hours.

I myself has hold secrets known to the other person and myself including and I have hold that secret and vowed no one on earth will not. Not a living soul I may say. I have kept my promised intact as I can be. No beans has ever spill on me.

I have kept the secrets in a secret place as well. Over a decade and beyond I kept my promise. Last night I paid that secret location a visited and relived ever secrets that was told to me. I even vividly remember some of what I was wearing and what my reaction and emotions was.

Some knew that I know something but not that same something that they know. Amazing that people trusted me with their secret. A secret that can ruined them if the beans will spill but not with me. It has been safe for over a decade plus.

Spilling the beans is just like betraying the person who trusted you keep that beans… beans of secrets.