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Black & White


Heard a loud knock by the front door and looked outside seeing a black and white police car. As we hurriedly went down at 4:00 in the morning, Kuya was already talking to the officer. He was just surveying by and notice that the garage door was opened and the cars were unlocked.

There has been reported burglarized homes but didn’t mention where. Just a precaution that we must locked the cars and keep the garage door closed. Just before we got here, it’s been a bad habit of theirs to keep the garage door open and the security system not set.

So later tonight before hitting the bed since we are still here I will make sure everything are locked and set. Enjoy your day and having a blast here in Kansas.


Just got back from dropping Dominic (nephew) to his school and had a great walk with Joan (sister) around their neighborhood. Nice houses, nice weather and great company. Weather wise it’s just about 61 degress and a high of about 65 degrees. Ain’t we loving the weather here…

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Power & Light

We attended Kansas/Missouri’s night life. Shocked, surprised and mesmerized of the crowd and how loud the music can be and alcohol are not my forte anymore. I am growing old…. 🙂

What is Power and Lights by the way?

Offering over a half million square feet, The Kansas City Power & Light District is the mid-west’s premier entertainment epicenter. With more than 45 unique and captivating retail outlets, restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues, the District offers something for everyone. Located in the heart of downtown, this vibrant, new eight-block neighborhood links the Convention Center to the Sprint Arena and is bringing the beat back to Kansas City.

World-class attractions include the Midland Theatre by AMC, The Mainstreet Theatre, and the KC Live! Entertainment District.

KC Live! is an entire city block of hot spots within the Kansas City Power & Light District. With two levels and fourteen (14) high-energy entertainment, nightlife and dining establishments, it is sure to excite everyone in your group! Live entertainment is a frequent happening at the KC Live! Stage. KC Live! hosts several summer concerts series and special events throughout the year. Check out the event calendar for more details about the Hot Country Nights, Rock the Block and District Rhythms concert series, the Family Fun Days event series, and a variety of other concerts, parties and rockin’ events!

We drank and dance with good people. The place was so packed but not an inch of trouble in sight. You can clearly see that even if we are in company of alcohol of different kind, people still do have some respect plus police are everywhere to uphold peace and security to everyone in attendance.For some reason I felt out of place when I went in but after that few steps I was on my and owning the night to myself and my hubby.

It was quite an experience and a nice one!

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So far we are enjoying our stay here at Olathe. The community seems promising. A nice quite place to start a new life but then again we are so used to a lot of things in California for instance, they do not have a filipino store here. No Red ribbon, no Goldilocks or even a familiar ground for us to begin with. Common ground like the place we have grown acustom too. I guess change can be difficult and needs some adjusting.

But before finally moving here or anywhere we need to find stability and work from there. Right now we are just seeing some open opportunities and making some slow decisions for all of us. We are not in a hurry to move or do anything drastic, we just want to enjoy each other and feel the time as we move.

In California, time flies so fast that here in Olathe we are so enjoying the laid back kind of a time. We sleep late and even have a lot of time ahead of us even if we wake up a little over past lunch time. That’s how laid back and slow their time here.

For us coming from a big city and how time travels we are just enjoying what Kansas has to offer. A lot of things to consider and a lot of preparations to make. Nothing final yet just ideas and plans and small talks of what if.

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It’s our second day here at Kansas so far we are enjoying the community and place where they are living. It’s more of a slow paced kind of a living. So laid back that even the flies that we found are so laid back that we can catch them by their wings. The different sounds of nature fascinate me! I am so loving life here.

Actually, we are kinda considering of moving but still awaits the whole situation as well. We need to discuss this matter more and really try to think hard and budget the whole thing.

Kansas in my eyes. A nice place to raise kids. A place for people who like slow pace living and country like setting. A place where you can really enjoy each other’s company and really see your kids grow. A place where I can see my family grow and settle. Away from LA’s crowded and fast forward way of living. Coming from a big city and experiencing Kansas for some reason it’s a nice change. A nice experience and hopefully whatever we decide on I just hope it’s for the better for all of us.

Well, it’s time for me to be in the kitchen and whip up something for our dinner later tonight. Enjoy your day and weekend is almost here….

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We left our place going to the airport early than scheduled, actually the original plan was granted. A little traffic and some little glitches but everything went well. We actually arrived so early that we got a little bit bored waiting to be boarded. It’s Francheska’s first airplane ride and she did well.

Anyway, the flight went well and because I forget to bring some reading materials and writing ones as well, I suffered boredom. Little did I know that the 2 1/2 hours flight was going to bored me. Oh well, at least now I know and hopefully next time I will be well equipped.

We are already here in Smallville (Kansas). The ride from the airport to where we are staying (my sister’s place) is not bad of a ride. About 45 mins and boy we encountered numerous accidents as well. It is very seldom here in Olathe for accidents such as we witnessed could took place. There description of traffic is a normal day to day traffic in Los Angeles and their traffic is nothing compared to where we came from.

The weather was kinda muggy. We are all hoping for a beautiful weather tomorrow. We barbecued some kalbi and rib eyed steak for dinner, side of salad and the every famous steam rice. We had so much fun chitchatting. Tony (sister’s fiance’s family) were also here. One of their sister arrived from Hawaii just today as well. They have to leave early for the got work and school for the kids.

We stayed up until the wee hours of the morning playing Mahjong. Hopefully tomorrow will be a sunny day.


There is no Smallville in Kansas or Daily Planet is just a movie place and name. No actually place here in Kansas of that name.