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Easy tips…

Fresh Lemon Juice. A lemon at room temperature will give more juice. Rolling it on the counter will also increase juice.

A Handy Tip. To rid your hands of food odors, rub a piece of stainless steel, such as your faucet, while washing your hands.

Freshen Your Disposal. Use small pieces of citrus peel in your disposal to keep it fresh.

Fresh Onion Appeal. If you’re using only part of an onion, peel only the amount that will be used. Wrap the remainder in plastic wrap and refrigerate. The onion will remain fresher with the peel on.

Refresh Your Plastic ware. Remove strong smells (such as onion and garlic) and stains (such as red sauce) from plastics with Cascade Plastic Booster™ in the dishwasher with your regular detergent. And it cleans and freshens the inside of your dishwasher at the same time!

Bring In Fresh Air. A ceiling fan in the kitchen is a great way to keep the air moving through the room. Update an old ceiling fan with some new paint or by replacing the fan blades.

A Fresh Storage Solution. Add shelves on top of a permanent shelf by purchasing tabletop shelving at an office supply store.

Got this simple tips while surfing the net and it’s useful yet simple and easy.


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