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Wednesday thoughts…

As you plant you will definitely sow.

Other might wilt but other will surely grow.

Just be patient and you will have a bountiful blessing.

Keep a positive outlook and good things are on your way.

Keep the faith and wishes will be granted.

Just be you and you will be happy with the outcome.

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I thought I lost my password to one of the first blogsite I ever made. It’s been awhile since I get revamp and revive the site. Over the weekend, I found the password and revamped the site.

Still, learning some new tricks and tweaks. It’s been awhile since the last tweaking I have done. It’s kinda girly but I kinda like. My mistake I got to save the old CSS code and now I have to start from scratch. Made me scratch my head.

I hope to start blogging again on the other site. It’s to spread some thoughts here and there.

Take care and it’s getting cooler here. Today’s weather was in the high’s of 80’s and right now it’s 66 degress in Granada Hills with a light breeze.

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Breezy Friday

detail_276_rocky-roadThis is a similar picture of the cake we got for him.

Friday came by so fast and work was a breeze. It’s the boss’ birthday today and we surprised him with a feast.

Sorry no photos was taken for we were so busy chowing down our food and chitchat with the birthday boy.

We surely had fun and he was surprised of what we did.

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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A slice or two as we celebrate one of our co-workers birthday and leaving us for another job. Good luck and Happy Birthday, Charisse.

Funny how a simple slice of cake can make the rest of the afternoon swing by so fast. Oh yes! While we ate the cake away we also chit chat with our boss. We have covered a whole lot of different topic. How cool can that be!!!

Thursday is finally over and weekend is yet to start. I am so looking forward for the weekend and hopefully weather wise I hope it’s going to cool down a little bit.

Enjoy your weekend and make the most of it.

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Finally, I did it…

As always Wednesday’s is my most relaxed day of the week. I am done with this week’s work and starting another batch for next week’s deadline.

Finally, the training push through and I underestimated myself way too much, little did I know it’s way too easy and I even made my first 5 claims  already. Boss was happy that I am learning quick and multitasking at the same time.

Next week, let’s see how productive I’m gonna be.

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great time.

Weather ain’t improving from where I am at. We are hitting triple digits big time.