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Bounding time…


One of our many favorite past times are cooking and eating together.

As a family we learned to cooked for each other.

The kids are extra helpful too.

Mom and Dad are our Chefs.

Our bounding time are cheap and I mean cheap.

It’s either we rent some movies or watched movies.

Eat at home with Mom’s home cooked meals….

Hanged out at the nearby bookstore or Starbucks.

No need for fancy things to share with the family.

All we need is us.

As a family we bound together well.


An ordinary citizen living, laughing, learning and loving life to it's fullest. A mother of two adorable kids. A woman understanding how the world can so nice and yet mean An adventurer of some sort of any sort.. Loves sunrise and sunsets, photography, the beach, being with family and friends, organizing a party, lending a hand, get to know me and you won't let me go or leave your side. Gotta be healthy, be happy and love endlessly. Ciao!

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