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Moving Up…

It’s nice to hear that J preferred me than new applicants coming in for the billing position. J told me yesterday that she prefers to work with me than the new ones. “At least ikaw kilala ko na at mahusay ka magtrabaho.” Flattering enough that they notice how hard I work and how serious I take my work.

We discuss a whole lot of things about my concerns at work jumping from one position to another and training day went well. Just need to know a little bit more of the tweaks and tweets in her expertise. I want to fully embrace the new work and hopefully they can find a new one to fill my other shoe.

Morning comes I am on my other desk and just after lunch time I am somewhere else…. 🙂

It’s another wet day at work and accidents are piling up due to the wet conditions. Please drive carefully and give yourself extra time to get to where you are going.