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74 & counting

Mom turns 74 while I was born in 1974. Just a few days apart but years in the making. Not all of her children made it but we surely had fun. At least on her special day she was happy and we made the effort to be there and made it happened.

Next year she will 75. Let’s see what we can gather up for her special day.

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Mixed Up

Gotta report to work for half day but when I got there a few hours after the boss was surprised to found out of who and how many reported to work. So instead some went home while the others stayed for a few minutes. I was happy for it’s officially shopping day.

Not much people in the mall and a whole lot of sale going on but gotta be prepared for the long and I mean ridiculous lines. The longer the lines means good sale and if you gotta dig in and won’t mind to dive in and look for what you want you will surely find it.

Patience is what the day has to offer and long lines with long walks to the parking lot and a whole lot of watchful eyes with your goodies.

It’s a good day after all.

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Gooble, gooble

After a successful Thanksgiving lunch at work with some of our co-workers the following day we also meet up at the Hernandez residence.

We surely had fun and off we went to another family gathering after one the other. My co-workers are like family to me. Some even doesn’t have their real family with them here in California and short they are like orphans.

We the co-workers are their family and friends. We surely have a lot of holiday gatherings ahead of us. Can’t wait for more gatherings!!!

We have a lot to be thankful for and one is friendship…

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The day B4 Turkey Day

A lot of things to ponder upon and a whole lot of things to be thankful for.

Thanksgiving is never a tradition to us nor to the family that I am with, but we do celebrate Thanksgiving but with a twist. Instead of turkey we have the ham and instead of cranberry sauce something is replaced for it. It’s never a regular meal of what’s here and there but HAM is ever present.

At work we had our Thanksgiving lunch. It was a pot luck. Hubby made some baked salmon for work, while others opted to buy some store/restaurant bought food. We surely had a good one. We drank some wine while doing what girls love to do “TALK”.