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Everyday office solutions

Workspace Problems Solved
Below you’ll find new organizing uses for common household items to help you round up desktop supplies, corral your chargers and cords and stash loose papers in budget-friendly ways.

  1. Problem Area: Disorganized Office SuppliesOrganized Solution: Lazy Susan
    A circular, rotating tray or platform, the lazy Susan is usually found on a tabletop for serving food or inside kitchen cabinets for organizing dishware and spices. Use this household basic in a new way to round up essentials like pens and pencils, a stapler, tape, scissors and more, right on your desktop. Gather your supplies, set them out on your lazy Susan, and just spin it around to easily grab what you need!

    • Instead of using typical office supply organizers or buying something pricey, simply look around your home for items you can use to group your supplies on top of the lazy Susan. Try small decorative dishes to hold paperclips, pushpins or rubber bands and a pretty glass for pens and scissors. You can also add a small basket to collect larger items like papers, sticky notes or a small notebook.
    • If you have a lot of supplies to organize, try a tiered lazy Susan. Designate each tier for a different supply and label the tiers so everything stays where it belongs.
    • A lazy Susan can make a great organizing companion in other areas of the home as well. Try one on top of your dresser or on a bathroom counter to organize hair accessories and jewelry or products like lotion, hairspray and perfume.
  2. Organized Ideas: Most lazy Susans are made of wood or plastic and are round and completely flat. The styles that are often used inside cabinets may have a slight lip around the edge or even several tiers. Whatever type or style you plan to use, try a few of these additional organization ideas to help keep your desk supplies where you need them.

  3. Problem Area: Tangled Cords and Chargers

    Organized Solution: Photo Box Charging Station
    Photo Box Charging StationCut holes along the back of a decorative photo box with a lid as a clever way to hide and contain your cords. Follow these simple instructions for assembling your charging station.

    1. Choose which side of the photo box you’d like to be the back. Using your box cutter, carefully cut a small hole in the back of the box, large enough for the cord of your power strip to fit through. Add one or more additional holes for computer or printer cords. You can optionally attach metal label holders around the holes to give the outside of the box a more polished appearance.
    2. Measure your piece of cardboard so it’s the same width as your photo box and 1” longer on each side, and then cut out using the box cutter.
    3. Fold the extra 1” down on each side of the cardboard so it stands up like a little shelf. You can optionally cover the top of the cardboard in decorative paper to give it a nice look or match the colors of the photo box.
    4. To assemble your charging station/cord keeper, place the power strip in the bottom of the box and thread the cord through the hole you created. Plug your computer and printer into the power strip and thread the cords through the extra holes you created in the back. Use additional outlets on the power strip to plug in your chargers.
    5. Place the cardboard shelf over the power strip inside the box to cover the cords, and pull the ends of the chargers up so they stick out over the top of the shelf. This creates a convenient area where you can plug in phones and other items, and leave them while they charge. Simply place the lid on the box, and your cords and chargers are organized and out of sight.
    Medium to large photo box with lid
    Box cutter
    Ruler or tape measure
    Cardboard scrap
    Power strip
    Metal label holders (optional)
    Decorative paper (optional)


  5. Problem Area: Loose or Disorganized Papers

    Organizing Solution: Notebook Pockets
    Notebook PocketsTry supplementing your existing filing system by adding handy pockets to the back of your most-used notebooks and journals. It’s a great way to keep related paperwork with your notes, lists and ideas for your home. Instead of spending money on fancy organizers and folders, simply print our
    pocket template and follow the easy instructions.

    Organized Ideas: Once you add the pockets, use these ideas to put notebooks to use.

    • Think about separating your notebooks or journals out by use, for example, small notebooks or journals are perfect for grocery lists and current coupons can be stashed in the pocket! A larger notebook or journal could be used for organizing your tax-time to-do lists and the pocket can be used to collect forms or receipts.
    • Keep a small notebook or journal with a pocket in your purse. It’s perfect for keeping to-do lists and loose papers organized while you’re out running errands.

Whenever you need a quick fix for keeping office clutter under control or workspace basics organized, just look around your home. Chances are with a little creativity, and an eye for repurposing, you can create your own cost-conscious solution.

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This craft is made using bendable wire and pantyhose. You can buy most of the supplies that are needed at a craft or home improvement store.



Bendable wire
Acrylic spray paint
Self-adhesive embellishments (crystals)
Pipe cleaners
Duct tape


  1. Bend wire to any shape- for a butterfly, shape each wing separately and tape ends together.
  2. With a pipe cleaner attach wings to each other and cover wings with pantyhose. Cut off any excess and tie ends in a knot.
  3. Spray the wings with acrylic spray paint and let dry.
  4. Use pipe cleaner to form body and antennas of the butterfly.
  5. Embellish the butterfly with self-adhesive jewels. Make sure to cover the pantyhose knot with a jewel.

Tip: You can also make butterfly accents using decorative or colorful papers and adhere them to surfaces in your space.

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Unexpected organizers

Organization Everywhere
There are so many items that can get overlooked as valuable organizers. Just remember, if it used to hold something, chances are it can be put to use again.

Pocket Shoe Organizers: Not just for shoes, these handy, over-the-door organizers are perfect for more than just the bedroom closet.

  • What can it hold? Try stashing plastic shopping bags, garbage bags, oven mitts or potholders—each in its own pocket! It also makes a convenient holder for toilet paper rolls, hand towels and washcloths.
  • Where can it go? The pantry door is a perfect spot to keep all kinds of useful items at your fingertips. You can also put it to use organizing items in a bathroom linen closet or over the bathroom door.

Cardboard six-pack holder: Once your six-pack holder is done keeping your soda safe, it can make another useful stop on the way to recycling. Start by covering it with decorative paper, shelf liner or wallpaper to add reinforcement and give it a new and improved look.

  • What can it hold? Use it to tote condiments, plastic utensils and napkins to a spring picnic, backyard dinner with the family or barbecue party. Or use it to keep light bulbs from rolling around, for carrying coffee cups, water bottles or any time you need an instant caddy.
  • Where can it go? If you’re having a get-together with multiple tables, put a cardboard caddy on each table so everyone has what they need to enjoy the meal. Keep a few caddies folded up in your pantry for use whenever you need one.

Paint or Coffee Can CubbiesPaint or Coffee Can Cubbies:Unused silver paint cans are easy to find at home improvement stores for a small cost or you can easily clean out used coffee cans with Dawn®dish liquid. Recover or paint your cans for a brand new look and add decorative labels or chalkboard paint so you always know what’s inside.

  • What can it hold? Turn your cans on their sides and use them as holders for mail, catalogs and paperwork. They also make great organizers for craft supplies.
  • Where can it go? Some desks have built in shelving that offer the perfect place for your cubbies or just install simple shelving over your workspace.

Bins & Baskets: Whether cute and colorful or big and roomy, waste bins and baskets make great organizers.

  • What can it hold? Use a small and stylish plastic wastebasket to hold wet umbrellas and use a large plastic can for organizing sports equipment. They also make great recycling sorters or can be used to hold poster tubes and wrapping paper.
  • Where can it go? Place a small bin by the door for collecting umbrellas, and a large one in the garage, basement or on the patio for sports equipment. Use several medium-sized bins as recycling sorters in a mudroom or in a roomy kitchen pantry. Keep a tall basket in your craft area or closet to hold wrapping paper or poster tubes. If it’s going to be out in the open, dress it up by covering it in leftover wallpaper or use spray paint made for plastics to change the color.

Organize More
Here are few more quick tips for reusing useful containers to organize:

  • Trays: They’re not just for serving! Collect and contain items all over your home with trays of all shapes and sizes. Organize loose items on a coffee table such as remotes, magazines or catalogs and keep small items like keys and change together in an entryway or on a bedside table. You can even use a large four-sided tray for collecting wet shoes or rain boots by the door or in a mudroom.
  • Jars, Mugs and Glasses: Use these small containers as quick fixes for holding small items on your desk like pens, pencils, thumbtacks, rubber bands and paperclips. Or put them to use in the bathroom to hold cotton swabs, cotton balls, tweezers, make up brushes or toothbrushes.
  • Shoeboxes: They’re the perfect size for storing all kinds of items, from accessories and stationery, to photos and craft supplies. Stop and think before you pitch them and make them look as good as they work by covering the box and lid with wrapping paper or wallpaper to match your décor. Add labels to identify what’s inside.
  • Suitcases: If you don’t travel on a regular basis, don’t let all that empty space inside your suitcases go to waste! They’re perfect for storing out-of-season clothes, shoes and accessories and can often fit easily at the bottom of a closet or under the bed. If you have some nice, old leather cases you can use them as storage out in the open at the end of the bed or as a side table. They could even become a stylish way to store a collection of books or magazines.
  • Office Extras: Make organizing your recyclables easier by repurposing stackable trays often found in home offices. Visit the Home Made Simple TV Organized Life section of
    Bonus Clips to watch a helpful video featuring Home Maven Wanda.

Before you run out to the store to pick up boxes, bins or containers, look around your own home for ideas—you just may find the organization solution you need.

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Cirque Du Freak

We decided not to go out and run our errands during the weekend (hopefully it won’t rain that hard). Got home while kids are finishing up their homework, I was busy cleaning up and cooking.

After a long they at work. I find cleaning, organizing, rearranging a therapy while others do retail. Just going to the grocery store I have to walk every aisle not just to find out what’s on sale but also to have an exercise and still I get what I came in for.

Anyways, dinner was served and we laughed, we talked, we eat, make plans and bond with each other. After dinner was served clear up the table, washed the dishes and make sure the kitchen and dining area are clean. And it’s movie time.

We watched The Vampire’s Assistant. Interesting characters and of how being a freak freaks out people. Nice movie and good for teenagers. A whole lot off lessons can be learned and applied to our daily lives of the living. 😀

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Of dreams…

Days, weeks, months and even years has gone by so fast. I am sitting by my office window and just wondering as the people passes by what are they thinking? Are they happy with how their life is? Have they eaten breakfast? Are they happy with their work.

Honestly, I am happy with my work. I make it to a point once I go to work to expect nothing and work is work. Although some of my co-workers have become close to each other. You just can’t help and wonder why there is 1 or 2 who makes the trouble.

On others you can really tell they are struggling and having a hard time with life but they are fighting and pursuing their dreams.

I almost gave up on my dreams, well of them. But then I realized why give up when you can just make some detour and work your way without stepping somebody else’s toe.

I am resurrecting my dreams and hope that it’s not too late yet for it to be whole again.