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14 Years

John and Rhoda (Partners in the business and in crime)

14 years they have served Glendale where Star Dancers Horizons is doing business. Ballroom dancing as one of our leisure. We filipino’s aside from food, drinking, socializing we also loved to danced.

John used to be one of the DI’s (Dancing Instructor) at Star Dancers and later with his love of music became a DJ (disc jockey) of Star Dancers and eventually became of the owners.

Rhoda on the other hand loves to dance and is very good with people. She is the socializing part of StarDancers while John provides the great music and that’s what keep people coming back for all these years.

If you get a chance come and visit StarDancers Horizon in Glendale, CA. You never know who your gonna meet and dance with.

They got friendly and respectful DI’s (Dance Instructor) to help you with your Chachacha, Swing, Jive, Rhumba, Foxtrot, Tango, Waltz and some new line dancing as well.

StarDancers Happy 14th Anniversary!!!

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Tuesday Rant

Over the years I have been saying, talking, yelling and even cried of how much I wanted my/our place in order. I do not really mind some mess and a little disorganization. But somehow it always fell on deaf ears. If you can count how many times have I rant about I dislike an untidy house.

Well, for once I started ranting again and again and it seems like they are immune to my rantings. I gotta need to find another solution.

There those times that our place is so messy that I literally went on strike and Viola… a visitor came knocking and everyone went crazy trying to cleaned up the messy before the visitor enters our humble abode.

It happened many times and I can’t even count them anymore and yet they still love a lived in place or should I call it a pig place.

I know I should just cleaned it up and stop ranting but how will these people learned if I will just follow them every single day to make our/my place a clean one.

Anyways, time to pick up the trash and tidy up our abode.

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Monday Blues

Weekend went by so quick. I am so wishing to have more time with my family. Perhaps a vacation where we will all enjoy and simply relax. I want to have a full body massage, manicure, pedicure and for just one day feel relax.

I know it’s not hard to accomplish but when money is tight you want every penny to go a long way and I mean I would rather have food then do my pedi and mani.

I am just truly grateful that my kids understands our financial status and are good at making their free time worth it. Way pay when you got it for free or have it for free.

It’s ok life has it’s lessons and we might have learned it the hard way but we surely stood by each other. You just can’t help it that sometimes you want something so bad but the money is intended for something else.

I don’t and won’t stop believing for I know deep in my heart that one day we will be able to get what our heart desires.

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Wednesday Pancake

As life takes me to my happiness and sorrows, I am ever thankful of the moments that it brings, the experiences that I got to share, the love that I got to feel.

Each moment makes me feel that I am a worthy being. Each moment you spend with me is worth the breath I take in. I am thankful of the people who became my friends, my enemies, acquaintances and eventually became a big part of my life.

As a person I so want to accomplish a lot. I want to travel and explore the rich history of each country or place I visited. Capture their rich history through my dream camera. I wanna share it to the world of what life has brought me.

I want to build my dream beach house and dream house where I will eventually host endless parties and make great and beautiful memories. I will fill them with beautiful memories for my grandchildren to share and experience.

I want to build my own studio to do my photography and improve my dancing skills. A place where creative can and will be created.

I am thankful of what life has given me and continues to shower me, with so much blessing I can’t seem to know where to start my thank you’s.

Life is definitely one roller coaster ride. You better know when to let go and when to hang in there and when to learn to find a way to survive and strive.

In life you become the fighter. Fighting to make your life and people around you a better one.

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Many times did it crossed my path that I wanna give up and just put everything in a bag and let it float on the open ocean waters. Many times and today is just one of them.

I have been brought up that once told actions will follow. Unfortunately, with all the halubaloo’s that has been going on it seems like it take forever for actions to follow. I person can’t stand lazy people or be wasting my day doing nothing at all. I feel so weak and helpless when I commit to such things.

So each day is scheduled for almost everything. I make it a point that before going to bed the kitchen and dining area’s are wipe clean and ready for tomorrow’s breakfast. Same thing goes when I get up in the morning. I fixed the side of my bed, say a prayer, hit the shower and while in the shower I also cleaned up and make sure the bathroom is cleaned for the next individual. Unfortunately, when I get back home from work the house is the opposite where I left it.

Anyways, I just wanna rant here than at them. I taught them that each things got a house and where the house is that’s where you should put it back. But that never happens.

If only I can decide for them of what to keep and toss then I have done it a millions times already but I don’t because it’s not my things and I do not want it to be done to be as well.

Each time I clean up, purge and toss something they need to be with me so make the decisions. But there are those times when laziness syndrome hits them big time.

It’s hard and when I get frustrated I simply blog about it or go to my closet and cry until my eyes hurts.

I really need a break big time!