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Tuesday Love

Spoke to a dear person today and the hunch that I had was just confirmed. I feel so sorry for her, for what she has gone through and for what she has put up.

A relationship is a two way street and it’s best when communication is also open. Although we know that sometimes it’s better to keep our mouth shut and just pretend that things didn’t happen. It’s also the knowing part you want to hear.

Just like I told her you can be tough but that doesn’t mean that you cannot choose your battle and know when it’s time to let go and move on. Although from experience it’s hard but I would rather let go of someone who doesn’t know to cherish me and the importance of sharing the relationship.

Loving doesn’t mean that your the only one who is sacrificing for the sake of saving a failing relationship. You gotta love yourself and respect yourself before loving someone else.

Know when to stop, when to let go and when to start again.

I will be here for you.