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Happy Birthday, Boss!!!

I am remember a long time ago where my innocent was slowly shuttered of the hardships and truth of life, that not all rich will be rich and not all poor are poor.

We all have our stories, our struggles and how we raised up from the fall.

Each birthday should be celebrated for each year you are grateful to be alive and well to celebrate it with friends, family, co-workers and employees.

Have fun and be happy. Celebrate life like it’s your last.

Happy Birthday!!!

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Tuesday Harina

Blogging through the years I have learned that we shouldn’t post too much of our personal stuff for the whole world to feast on. But then again sometimes you just want to be heard and maybe like others through blogging you slowly released your stress, frustrations and learned from it.

But there is also a limit of how much you want to write, blog and let the world know. Sometimes, there are some things need not to be open and choose our words wisely.

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Sunday Inihaw

Grilled Squid, Lobster Tails and Eggplants

Sunday was spent drinking, eating, laughing with family and friends. It was a nice relaxing atmosphere that over the years we never failed to enjoy.

Because of work and distances and conflicting schedules we sometimes find it hard to get together as what we usually enjoyed but when an opportunity is there we grabbed by the horn.

We shared stories and even learned from some of it. We laughed, made fun and was satisfied with the food, the drinks and the awesome company.

Thank you for a beautiful Sunday!!!

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Friday Tsekwate

Who knew that poverty has many faces. When poverty hits one’s mind it means poor but doesn’t necessarily means that poor in terms of financial status alone, right?

A lot of our fellow country men are losing hope to make their dreams come true and the same reason comes up. Luck of opportunity to work and because of poverty.

What is poverty? That state of being extremely poor. Poor in knowledge, or poor in dreams, or perhaps poor in ambition, or yet financially. When we hear about poverty doesn’t necessary means slums, squatters area but, then again they are victim of one’s poverty.

Maybe the head of the family died, had some sickness and hasn’t able to provide for the household. A lot of these simple causes can cause one’s poverty.

We the lucky ones can learn and help out and reach one hand, one soul, one life at a time and the next thing we know we are already helping a nation. One small baby step can lead to a greater dream.

Let’s fight poverty and help each other.

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Wednesday Bologna

As much as I enjoyed doing laundry, cleaning, cooking and doing groceries with the family it’s the in between that messed up the mood. The complaints of I am not feeling well, I am tired, I am sleepy and to think of it I work, cook do almost the same thing with them and weekends are the only days I am supposedly resting. Yeah right, when do Moms rest anyways.

The bad part is that they think you can handle all of the laundry, the folding, sorting, the cleaning up and cooking because they think I am SuperMom.

Hello!!! reality check please I am a human being and not a superhero.

Pardon my ranting here for I am so up to max with how things are going on. Don’t put an excuse on your going whatever for all I know you can do much better than just what you are doing and if I will tell these to you, you already know what will happen. If you really wanna do it and make it happen of course it will happened. But if you will start with an endless excuse and whatsoever it will never be done. I would just rather rant here and let the tears of frustrations roll down while I am ranting about.

Marriage is supposedly a 50-50 and not 80-20 or 90-10. I  just hope that you will open eyes and be grateful that I am strong enough to be able to do what I do. I just hope you can see it too.

I am trying my best here but frustrations is creeping up faster than I could even say HELP!!!

It would be nice to go home to a clean, good smelling and organize house and there’s food ready for dinner. It doesn’t have to be everyday (but once in a while a good home cooked dinner ready.)