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Honestly I really do not know what to expect with the Prom season. Cause I haven’t attended one. Back in my days all catholic girls school. I really do not know why our Prom didn’t pushed through. Plans were made and all of a sudden we didn’t have a Prom.

I believe a Prom is celebrated widely during the last days of highschool and for me as a mom I really would encourage my kids to participate and be part of it. Who knows they might banned prom. But then again not all can afford to be part of this tradition I may say.

My son was so lucky that we his parents are so cool and push him through with his prom. With a date or without a date have fun and be an adult kid responsibly.

The tuxedo rental is ranges from $99.00 and up. How about the limousine rental, the corsage for the lady and boutineer for the men and not to mention the gown, the manicure and pedicure, the hair and make up. Attending a prom is not a joke and it is a money breaking for some families.

So with my son’s prom I made sure he will be attending it and have lots of fun. You are going to be highschool once so enjoy the most of it.

Unfortunately, his date got grounded. Oh well, we just can’t seem to make everything work the why we want them too and maybe things happen for a good reason.

He did have fun and got home before the sunrise.

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Spring Cleaning 2011

Cleaning out the closets, reorganizing the pantry, throwing out old clothes, and dusting behind appliances are tasks that are probably already on your spring cleaning checklist. A deep cleaning of your home or apartment is a great way to kick off a new season and get rid of clutter. Your home will not only look beautiful, but it will be easier to find what you need on any given day and you can make the most of your living space!

It’s easy to overlook many areas of the home during your cleaning rounds, so make sure you have a thorough list or plan before you begin. Here are ten things you don’t want to forget during your spring cleaning routine:

#1: Cleaning underneath the kitchen countertops. Germs, dirt and mold can collect right under the ridge of your countertops. Clean under the counter space with a washcloth and disinfectant.

#2: Disinfecting and cleaning around the toilet bowl. Even though you might clean the inside and top of the toilet bowl once or twice per week, the area right under the flush tank often gets overlooked.

#3: Dusting the blinds. If you have Venetian or wood blinds hanging in your living space, take the time to dust each slat and also fix any broken strings.

#4: Reorganizing the medicine cabinet. Throw out expired products and remove everything from the shelves for a thorough clean. Only keep what you and your family use on a regular basis.

#5: Vacuuming or sweeping underneath the bed. Dust bunnies tend to migrate underneath the bed frames each season, so make sure you move the bed to another side of a room to catch them. Avoid storing anything but sealed containers and boxes under your bed to keep things organized.

#6: Dusting art, photographs, and wall Carefully remove photographs, artwork and wall hangings from the wall to give them a light dusting before putting them back in place.

#7: Reorganizing and cleaning under the kitchen sink. If you tend to store a lot of cleaning supplies and other household items in the cupboard underneath the kitchen sink, clear everything out and wash inside to get rid of mold and debris.

#8: Dusting the tops of ceiling fans. Dust down all the fan blades and use a gentle cleanser to keep those blades shiny and looking new.

#9: Cleaning the bathroom fans. If you have a fan in the bathroom with a visible vent, dust and clean it thoroughly to ensure air is flowing in and out properly. Dust and grime can collect on the vent plate and inside the vent over time.

#10: Cleaning the washer and dryer. Run your washer through a cycle of only vinegar and baking soda with a little water to clean for a deep clean. Clean out the dryer’s vents and wipe down both units with a damp cloth dipped in white vinegar and lemon juice or baking soda. Be sure to vacuum and sweep around each unit thoroughly.

As some of you already know me… I love to clean and organized things. I love a clean, organize, good smelling house.

Got this list from click here.

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Just Us

Nothing extraordinary about my family. Although we are something extra on each and everyone’s plate. Once you get to know us you will surely be looking for more of us.

We can be easily described as the yin and the yang. We jive with each other and can easily be mistaken as Uncle and Aunt and our kids as our nephew and nieces.

Oh yes, we are that crazy when we are with each other. We talked all at once and still get what the other was saying.

Round table discussion are held anywhere we maybe at. Even in the car.

We love to eat, be with each other, share jokes and love the camera.

My one crazy and happy family.