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Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving means that Christmas is just around the corner. Happy to say that Thanksgiving went our pretty ok, a little change of venue but it was not bad at all. Finally, got back in the kitchen baking some goodies and turns out well.

Unfortunately, this will be one of our loneliest holidays for not so long ago our Dad passed away. Any less we know he is watching over us and smiling as we go on with our daily lives and making things worked out.

A lot of things had and have happened. I have learned to it a second push and hoping and praying for it to work out and for the best.

Anyways, hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and Weekend as well.

Til then, take care and God bless!!!


An ordinary citizen living, laughing, learning and loving life to it's fullest. A mother of two adorable kids. A woman understanding how the world can so nice and yet mean An adventurer of some sort of any sort.. Loves sunrise and sunsets, photography, the beach, being with family and friends, organizing a party, lending a hand, get to know me and you won't let me go or leave your side. Gotta be healthy, be happy and love endlessly. Ciao!

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