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OCD Mom/Wife

As years gone by I can’t to understand why on earth my family doesn’t to bother that I liked, loved, wanted and wishes a clean pad. Everyday seems to be struggle on why can’t we keep our pad clean, organize and tidy. I really hate to keep yelling and do this and do that kind of person. But seems like my patience is always tested and I end up hurt and wanting not to be here with them.

I grew up with help around the house but I do not abuse them I learned to clean up my own mess and straighten my own bed and all. What I become it’s because I do not like messy and unorganized place. May it be my house, work or even in the car.

When I am surrounded by messy and unorganized things my mind seems to be acting negatively and nothing nice is being done and said.

I do not know  if all parents/wife are experiencing what I am going through and to make matters worst is that I got teenagers in the house. During those teenage years of mine, I make sure when I get out of bed it is fixed and before I leave or go anywhere I make sure that it is tidy enough to welcome any visitor.

Any suggestions out there that can be helpful.

I already ground them on internet usage and games but seems like are so loving the filthy way and don’t even count my hubby in. He is my third kid in the house.

Imagine that!!!


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