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Just like anybody out there we are all waiting for our refund from Uncle Sam. Others might have it already and others are still making the extra effort and time to file them. You guys should file it so that it will be done.

Out of curiosity… what do you intend to spend on your refund? and where the rest will go? or is it just one of those saying thank God we are saved by our refund thing…

Well, for starters for us we intend for this year’s refund to fix up the car’s, pay up some debt and whatever’s left for rainy days. It’s not that much but we spend it wisely it will surely go a long(er) that what we expected.

It’s kinda hard most especially recent events my hours at work were cut and days as well. Kinda hard but still thankful that I still got a job. At least my hubby work, days and flexible hours are pretty awesome and making us a float. Just gotta make things work.

So, anyways good luck with your refund and spend it wisely.


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