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I can definitely tolerate pain but when my body sends me signals that I never had encounter makes me wonder what’s going inside of me.

I have never been away from work without any valid reasons and I am not the type to just go without any notice.

But then again I found myself in ER (emergency room) just a few hours ago. I was in pain from my right side of my head and down to neck and it’s swollen. Pain rating would be around 11 and blood pressure was 204/115. It’s alarming and so are the nurses at the ER.

I know in my heart and mind it’s not a stroke or anything like that cause I am alert and nothing out of the ordinary except the excruciating pain.

Was given a pain killers, instructions on how to make myself comfortable when I get home and a $100 fee for all of this for a muscle spasms/neck strain/sprain.

No work for 3 days but paid and stayed home most of the time. Still hurts a little bit but I am ready to work and be me again. 🙂


An ordinary citizen living, laughing, learning and loving life to it's fullest. A mother of two adorable kids. A woman understanding how the world can so nice and yet mean An adventurer of some sort of any sort.. Loves sunrise and sunsets, photography, the beach, being with family and friends, organizing a party, lending a hand, get to know me and you won't let me go or leave your side. Gotta be healthy, be happy and love endlessly. Ciao!

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