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TGIF… ;-)

As the weekend is here, may we all have a great one and just like any other weekend (s) this weekend will be tested with patience and some dashes of understanding. I am so praying to be able to survive the weekend and still smile.

I am just going to enjoy the ride and smell the rose.

Enjoy your weekend and have a blast!!!

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I know eversince I started to blog or even in my diaries I simply love cleaning and I believe that everything has a home no matter what.

My hubby and kids are so allergic ( what I meant is that they will find any reasonable excuse to excuse themselves in cleaning operation) when I started picking up my rags, broom and so on and so forth.

Cause they know that a cleaning spree is just beginning. Doesn’t all of us wants a clean, organize and good smelling place?

Of course all of us wants that kind of place and for that place to be where we want it to be we gotta do some elbow grease and maybe a little back breaking lifting here and there.

At least when you are done you can simply enjoy a drink, sit back and relax and admire your clean and good smelling house.

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Seems like I am getting caught in boredom and found myself daydreaming and get lost somewhere…

Not a good sign, right? I don’t know these past few weeks seems like I wanna be somewhere and do stuff but my other half seems to be on the sleeping mode.

For me life is way too short to bummed it around and not do anything fun, adventurous, or just simply not doing anything.

I want my day to be busy so that when I retire for the day, all I can I do something that made my body ache and made be this tired.

I got tons of projects in my head and making our place a little tidier and nicer and clean and organize more.

Happy Weekend and cheers to boredom!!!

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My field

As I am simply amazed of the sun setting right before my eyes, just can’t seem to shake things off my mind, that no matter what life is definitely a tug of war. A game where everybody wants to win and right is right.

Not in my ball field. I have learned a lot of things through the years and the one thing I have not mastered about is telling the truth straight at your face. I feel that it’s a disrespect to either party, even if it calls to make it happened.

I have been in the situation a hundred times and as much as I wanna blurt it out I still kept my composure for I know I will be hurt not just one but a lot more. So instead I slowly exited the field and just keep walking while saying a prayer or two and now I am in that situation again, as I am creating the worst scenario inside my head the power of respect to myself and prayer still wins over and I do not know how much longer can I keep this inside of me… hahahahahahaha!!!!

It’s just so disrespectful when we blame others inside of ourselves (which is a lot easier to do). Anyways, we keep blaming the other person inside of finding a solution to the problem and the hard part is that the other person doesn’t wanna say anything. As in will accept the stones cast at her/him. It’s like an OMG moment and where I am in the middle of them.

Anyway, hopefully things will get settled and let my field be filled with sweet roses and music again.

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Friday Fries

We lived in a world that it’s round and whatever we do to others it will come back to us one way or another.

I believe things happens for a reason… Maybe to help us realized about life and ourselves or perhaps the reason behind it.

Every person that comes to our lives has a reason for being there and whatever timing and impact it had cause us.

Each scenario we had encounter has a good reason for it to be… what’s the reason behind it that is up to us to know and find out.

Life is definitely has a lot of mysteries and challenges. It’s just up to us how we are going to solve the mysteries and face the challenge heading our way.