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As little as we may know we are officially 5 months away from Christmas. The biggest question would be, Are you ready for another Christmas family/friends gathering? For sure, you would say why not, but deep inside you are reflecting and may even question of what had happened the past Christmases. Believe me, I have and had my share of up’s and down’s but never dampened my spirit. For each year it is totally different somehow the same thing, (You know what I mean).

Anyways, we should always look forward for spending some quality time with the people we loved and cherish those moments for we never know when will be the next gathering to see them again. And God forbids that the next time might be his or her funeral.

Gotta remember life is too short so gotta enjoy the ride. Do not let anyone ruin your moment nor crush your bubbly and uplifting spirit so they can shine with their bitterness.

Budget wisely my friends …..

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We all wear a mask for disguise and no ever knows we are all wearing it. Someone people are good at hiding while others really show what they feel, We often asked ourselves the many why’s, what’s and how’s but never had straight and concrete answer to it. Ever wonder why? Could it be because we are not true to ourselves?

Everyone faces different kind of problems from different walks of life. May it be simple to the most extravagant ones. A simple problem such as what are we having for dinner to our house will be repo.

See in life our appearance matter because through it we can easily pretend that everything is in perfect order and no one will see the mess that is about to spill. Although life is full of challenges with its ups and downs, we all manage to pretend and make that appearance work.

Making it work as if nothing is wrong. Amazing how such can be carried and calmly.

We laughed as if there is no one watching.

We cry as if we are smiling.

We dance as if there is no tomorrow.

We go with the flow as if we are the water.

Life may present many obstacles and hurdles but yet again we stand strong to face them one by one.

Like what they say when it rains, it pours and yet we stand and dance in the rain.




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Tuesday 5

How time flies and look where we are right now…. in the middle of the year and it’s already ending in 5 days.

Oh boy… oh boy!!! How time flies and feels like in an instant that the holidays will be just around the corner.

A lot of things, stuff are going through my head as of the moment. Summer is here and in less than 2 months start will be starting once again. A different school year for others, different school for others and different approach of parenting all over again.

Life has been pretty rough and tough but as we all go through the cycle of life we learned to soften once in a while and we learned to bend and compromise and eventually learned from our mistakes.

Thankful for all the blessings coming right straight ahead of us. Very thankful but somewhat afraid of what’s lying beyond us.

We all dreamed of a happy everlasting but as we all know it doesn’t happened that way. In life we gotta be happy and be sad, it’s the balance of life.

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Definitely more than amazed and words can’t even express of how many times I have been asked to write something because someone finds my blog interesting. Little did I know that what my mind and fingers are typing can be interesting after all.

Funny how it may sound but I never thought that my thoughts can be that interesting at all. I am just an ordinary person living and blogging my thoughts or whatever comes to mind and just basically sharing.

Sometimes through blogging I can be whoever I wanna be and just easily release any tension going on through my background or in my life. Really hard if you can’t seem to find an ear who is willing to listen and just listen you yap your way. Sometimes we just need an ear to listen no judgement or anything.

Happy Black Saturday Y’All… March definitely came by quick.

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Since daylight saving has been in full effect and my body clock has been set. I loved taking long walks in the not so even hours and just love clearing my mind and letting me think of many things.

I just love that my blood is circulating well and walking is another formed of exercise and makes me happy. Just hate the bugs hovering….

Anyways, hope you all are adjusting with spring and our daylight saving time.