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Your Hairstylist…

Hairstylists share their tips for understanding their jobs and how to get the most out of your time in the swivel chair.

1. I’m a beautician, not a magician. I can give you Gisele Bündchen’s haircut, but I can’t give you her face.

2. Come at least five minutes early. If you’re running late, please call ahead. Show me some basic respect. This is a business, not fun and games.

3. Don’t ask me to “squeeze” you in when I’m already booked. I’d be taking time and effort away from other clients. You wouldn’t like being treated that way.

4. Hairdresser school does not teach about counter transference, projection, negative reinforcement, or personality disorders. If you’re looking for a therapist, all I have is a tail comb and an opinion.

5. Some women think that if they keep their hair all one length the way it was in high school, everyone will think they’re still in high school. Guess what? You’re not. As you get older, you need to soften the linesaround your face. Layers are the magic remedy.

6. Bodies and hair change as hormones change. If your hair is dry, listless, or brittle, or if it’s not holding your color or style the way it used to, see a doctor. If your hair isn’t overprocessed, you could be pregnant (surprise!) or menopausal (yes, I can tell).

7. A trim is not “just” a trim. It requires my expertise, skill, knowledge, and time. Would you say to your dentist, “It’s just a tooth,” or to your doctor, “It’s just a leg”?

8. That single bill you stuff into the shampoo person’s hands isn’t doing her any favors. A dollar bill doesn’t buy anything anymore. You should tip her at least $3—more if your hair is long.

9. If you want to buy a bottle of color and do your own hair to save a buck, you can live with the consequences.

10. Some clients will say, “Cut my hair just like you did last time.” That always baffles me. The average time between appointments is six to eight weeks. I have hundreds of clients. How am I supposed to rememberexactly how I did your hair the last time? If you want a carbon copy of a cut and style you loved, take a picture and show me.

11. Why do you think a child’s haircut should cost less than yours? Kids don’t sit still. Kids kick. It’s an intense experience.

12. Standing all day and using scissors and a blow-dryer takes its toll—I have arthritis in my fingers, calcium deposits in my wrist, and 10 percent less hearing than I used to. I am a physical wreck.

13. We see women at their worst. Their hair is wet, they have foils on their hair, they have no makeup on. There’s nothing for them to hide behind. So they tell us everything. The truth is, I really don’t care what they do sexually. I’m only interested in their hair.

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Ladies in Red

No matter how older she will get she will always be our baby. Not so long ago I was carrying her in my arms, then she learned to crawled and eventually walk and run and now she is off to Middle School and a lady already.

Being a Mom you tried your best to protect her and her innocence but the world is a cruel place and she knows that already. I just home that I will be there when the cruelty of the world comes sneaking on my babies.

She got so stressed when she first had it but later on realized it’s part of growing up. This part I had her ready for how many years already but nothing beats when the actually things happens.

She was prepared but kinda scared. She is slowly changing into a young lady. No more chubby cheeks and she is into girly stuff.

My baby is becoming a young lady already…

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Ageless Summer Beauty

Summer is about lightening your beauty routine: ditching your foundation and blush for a simple swipe of bronzer; letting your locks succumb to their natural waves. The flip side to warm weather’s unbuttoned ease is the number it can do on your looks.

“Harmful UV rays are the most obvious culprit in causing wrinkles and brown spots, but they can also make your skin and hair appear dry, so you look older than your years,” says dermatologist David H. McDaniel, M.D., director of the Anti-Aging Research Institute in Virginia Beach, Va.

Then there’s the havoc high humidity and heat can wreak on hair texture (hello, frizz!) and color (hello, brassy!). We talked to leading dermatologists and dug through a mountain of research and products to offer summer-friendly tips guaranteed to keep every part of you looking gorgeous and young all season long.

1. Try a sun protection pill

Aside from daily use of a broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen, boost your UV protection by taking an antioxidant supplement such as Heliocare ($63 for 60; or SunPill ($20 for 30; New research from the University of Miami School of Medicine shows that the fern extract in these pills significantly reduced UVA-related DNA damage that leads to wrinkling and brown spots. For best results, pop one each day starting a week before you plan on fun in the sun. “This allows the antioxidants to build up in your system for maximum protection,” says Leslie Baumann, M.D., director of the University of Miami Cosmetic Medicine and Research Institute.

2. Exfoliate the smart way

Alternate between daily use of chemical and mechanical exfoliation. This does a better job of removing the dead cells that build up more on the skin’s surface in the summer, which leaves a radiant glow, says Debra Jaliman, M.D., an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Switch between using an AHA lotion and a Buf-Puf or scrubbing granules.

3. Layer lip balm with SPF

Slick on a formula with a built-in SPF of at least 15 underneath even an SPF-containing lipstick or gloss to further guard against thinning, dryness, and sun spots. “Lips lack a protective outer layer, so they’re incredibly sensitive to UV rays,” says Baumann.

Get the secrets to smoother skin and other beauty tips here with Prevention’s Age Beautifully Tool.

4. Use sunscreen to protect hair in a pinch

Before swimming, comb your regular sunscreen through your strands; this forms a barrier that prevents chlorine and salt water from stripping your color and drying out hair, explains Los Angeles hairstylist Jessica Galvan.

5. Try a caffeine-packed apres sun treatment

A topical jolt of caffeine significantly reduces UV-induced roughness and wrinkling in mice, according to one study. A more recent finding shows it might even help curb skin cancer by suppressing ATR, a protein that enables precancerous cells to survive and replicate. The research is preliminary, but applying a cream that contains about 1 percent caffeine after sun exposure couldn’t hurt. Try: Topix Replenix CF Anti-Photoaging Complex SPF 45 $35;

6. Boost post-sun hydration

Reduce UV-induced dryness from sun exposure by slathering clean skin with moisturizer and cover ing with a warm, damp towel for 5 minutes. “The heat activates the lotion’s ingredients, which keeps skin supple,” says New Orleans dermatologist Mary P. Lupo, MD, professor of clinical dermatology at Tulane University.

7. Save your self-tan

Steer clear of exfoliating scrubs and creams that contain retinol and AHA for a few days after using your self-tanner. “These products slough the top layer of skin, removing color in the process,” says Natalie Cupid, senior technician and manager of Sundara Airbrush Tanning Salon in New York City.

8. Strengthen nails with a supplement

Take 2.5 mg of the B vitamin biotin daily. “This supplement helps prevent breakage from too much exposure to salt and chlorine,” says Jin Soon Choi, owner of Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas. Research shows that a daily dose of the nutrient increases nail thickness by 25%, making nails less apt to split and tear.

9. Get a smoother shave

Wait at least three minutes after getting in the shower before you whip out your razor. “Warm water softens the hair shaft, allowing for a closer cut and longer-lasting smoothness without nicking skin,” says Diane Wood, master barber for King of Shaves.

10. Get younger hands with moisturizer

During the day, use a hand cream containing the lightener kojic acid to soften brown spots. Try Hollywood Hands Professional Anti-Aging Hand Treatment $16; drugstores). At night, apply a hand cream that contains skin-firming retinol, suggests Baumann. Try Sally Hansen Age Correct Retinol Hand Cream $6.50 drugstores). Be sure to wear a sunblock with an SPF of at least 15 as well; these ingredients make skin sensitive.

11. Wear sandals to keep soles soft

It’s tempting this time of year, but avoid walking barefoot—even in the house or on the beach. “The added pressure causes painful and unsightly calluses to build up,” explains Allison Tangorra, a nail artist at DePasquale the Spa in Morris Plains, N.J.

12. Spot treat pimples with a cotton swab

When applying benzoyl peroxide to blemishes, use the tip of a cotton swab to precisely dab it on. This prevents the medication from stripping your self-tanner, says Nicole Weigand, spa director at the Beverly Hills Hotel Spa by La Prairie.

13. Mop your hairline after wearing a hat

Increased oils can get trapped underneath hats and headbands, causing acne along your forehead, says Cheryl Karcher, M.D., clinical instructor of dermatology at New York University Langone Medical Center. Run an antibacterial wipe along your forehead to prevent pimples.

14. Shampoo with baking soda to remove smog

Higher summertime pollution means more free radicals to zap the shine and color from hair. To remove dulling residue, add a pinch of baking soda to your regular shampoo instead of using a harsh clarifying cleanser. “It rinses out chemicals without stripping color,” says Galvan. Bonus: This trick helps prevent discoloration caused by chlorine and salt water, too.

15. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

“The satiny texture prevents friction from roughing up the cuticle and making hair vulnerable to warm weather-induced frizz,” says James Corbett, owner of James Corbett Studio in New York City. If you’re really ambitious, wrap your hair in a silk scarf before going to bed.

16. Self-tan from head to toe

To look longer and leaner, apply self-tanner everywhere, says Dera Enochson, creator of Xen-Tan, a company that makes self-tanners. “A uniform color helps elongate, but focusing just on your legs or arms can make you look shorter and stockier.”

17. Unclog pores with papaya

Mash up fresh papaya and apply to clean skin for three minutes. “This summertime fruit contains enzymes that slough pore-clogging dead cells, leaving skin soft and radiant,” says Karcher.

18. Choose metal-free hair bands

Avoid ponytail holders that are joined with a small metal bar: They can snag hair and cause split ends, especially when hair is wet and weaker after swimming, explains Rick Mahoney, senior stylist at Devachan Salon in New York City. Instead, look for ties covered entirely with snagproof fabric. Try Goody Ouchless Extra Thick Elastics ($3; drugstores).

19. Use a makeup brush to boost hair shine

Shine products help restore lost moisture and luminosity from increased sun exposure and hotter temps, but many contain heavy silicones that can weigh hair down. The solution? Spritz shine spray onto your blush brush and then sweep over hair. “The soft bristles help to apply precise, targeted shine without weighing down hair,” says Antoinette Beenders, vice president of global creative at Aveda.

20. Exfoliate heels in the shower

Maximize results for smooth, sexy feet by using a pumice stone on calluses and rough spots at the end of your shower. “The extra time in the water softens dead cells and makes them easier to remove,” says Choi.

21. Prep Your Razor

To extend the life of your razor a few days and ensure a smoother shave, drizzle some olive oil on the blade, suggests Cindy Barshop, owner of Completely Bare in New York City. “The oil prevents rust and product build-up, which can cause nicks.”


Simple ways to beat the sun and be safe.. 🙂

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10 Shortcuts…

1. Trade crunches for Pilates.

To firm up the muscles beneath your love handles—known as the external obliques—try the Pilates “100s.” This exercise was found to challenge more overall muscle in one shot (specifically, the muscles spanning the waist) than traditional crunches, according to a new study by Michele Olson, Ph.D., at Auburn University in Montgomery, Ala. To do the 100s, sit on a mat and make a V with your body (your butt forms the bottom of the V). Reach your hands past your knees, arms parallel to the floor. Pump your arms up and down 100 times, inhaling and exhaling every five counts.

2. Grab a ball.

Women who did their ab workouts with a stability ball beneath their glutes and lower back got bonus benefits, in a study from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. The women used both their abs and their back muscles, key for making you stand tall and look slender.

If you’re not doing abs now, don’t start on the ball—this can damage your spinal disks, says abdominal-training expert Stuart McGill, Ph.D., author of Ultimate Back Fitness and Performance. Build strength and stability off of the ball first.

Try “Crossover Crunches”: In the standard crunch position, bring one shoulder toward your opposite knee. Hold for two to three counts. Start with five to 10 reps on each side. Progress to 10 counts and 20 reps. Do this three times a week, and you can move to the ball after three weeks.

3. Let your back come off the floor.

When lying on your back with your knees bent, you should be able to get your fingers under the hollow of your lower back. Maintaining your back’s normal curve lets you work your abs without straining your spine, according to McGill. Instead of sucking your navel to the floor, “brace” your abs as if someone were about to punch you in the stomach. Keep that tension (and the arch) while doing ab work.

4. Add weight, not repetitions.

Your abs are just like your biceps: To make them stronger and tighter, you don’t need 500 reps. Instead, try grabbing a three- or five-pound weight. Place it behind your head or on your chest and do one set of eight to 15 sit-ups, working up to more sets as you get stronger.

5. Slow down.

You’ll get the body you want faster by doing 10 slow repetitions instead of 20 fast ones. Moving slowly—two counts up and two counts down—allows you to use more precise form, which can stimulate your muscles better and make them stronger, says Rodney Corn of the National Academy of Sports Medicine. (The faster you go, the more likely you are to use momentum instead of your abs.) Your muscles should feel tired in 15 reps.

6. Lift weights one arm at a time.

Your core muscles get a workout when you exercise on an unstable base—like when you’re standing on one leg or on top of a wobbly rubber disk—because your weight is off-center, causing your core to kick in a little harder. Similarly, when you do upperbody moves one arm at a time, the off-centeredness gives ab and back muscles an extra challenge.

7. Invest in cardio.

To show off the abs of steel you’ve been building, 30 minutes of cardio gets you farther than 30 minutes of crunches. To burn off the layer of fat that’s hiding your muscles, ab-specific contractions just don’t do the trick, says Len Kravitz, Ph.D., professor of exercise physiology at the University of New Mexico. Ab moves burn about two to six calories per minute, while cardio blasts 10 or 12.

8. Try Chinese food.

A standard turkey sandwich on whole wheat has a measly four grams of fiber. The problem? Studies show that people who eat more fiber tend to be leaner and have smaller waistlines than people who don’t eat as much of it. Better: A serving of chow mein with extra broccoli and brown rice has about 10 grams of fiber. Worried about the sodium in Chinese food? It’s a myth that sodium noticeably changes the appearance your abs, says Liz Applegate, Ph.D., director of sports nutrition at University of California, Davis.

9. Choose the cookie with sugar.

Many sugar-free cookies are sweetened with sugar alcohols, which can cause gas and bloating, says Leslie Bonci, director of sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. To skip these sweeteners, avoid ingredients ending in “-ol,” including sorbitol, lactitol, and maltitol. Many sugarfree versions, by the way, have almost as many calories as the originals. Other artificial sweeteners, such as sucralose (Splenda) and aspartame (NutraSweet), don’t appear to have the same bloating effect.

10. Have three seltzers this week.

Swapping alcohol for seltzer or another beverage can slim your waist. That’s because calories metabolized from alcohol are more prone to be stored as fat around the belly, says Applegate. Of course, going low-cal is even more slimming: Skipping three pomegranate martinis a week trims about 2300 calories a month. That’s eight pounds of fat per year.


Lately, I have been bad and from that I have gained the weight I had lose. But because of exercise and how dedicated I am again, Pilates always makes it easier to be back and strong. It never fails me.

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Commandments of Style

1. Sweat the small stuff.
We’re talking fine details. Shave or wax your legs if you’ll be wearing a skirt. Take a hard look in the mirror and if your upper lip needs waxing, by all means. Even better, have a professional do the honours. Make sure your eyebrows are shaped, waxed or plucked so they open your eyes. You want to look polished. People don’t necessarily noticed if you’re groomed, but they definitely notice when you’re not.

2. Restrain yourself.
Never let your accessories wear you. Throw away the headbands, banana clips and scrunchies – or save them for your Friday night mud mask. Big, chunky jewellery can look fantastic, but limit you to one key piece. Wear one or two rings, max. And choose jewellery that you really love. It’s a great way to develop your signature style and express your personality. Jewellery with a story – your grandmother’s earrings, the bracelet you bought to celebrate a milestone, your engagement ring – is beautiful and often becomes a conversation starter.

3. Know your body.
Recognize that every style trend is not designed for you. This isn’t a limitation – its just reality. One of the most important pieces you’ll purchase is a suit. It’s a big investment, so you want to make sure it looks amazing. Learn which styles, jacket lengths and silhouettes flatter your shape and work from there. If you’re not sure what works for you, go shopping with a very honest friend or book an appointment Sales Associate or stylist.

4. Black is your friend.
Black staples – pants, 3/4-length jackets, and skirts – are clean, classic and they always look Wildly Sophisticated. Not to mention they’re flattering, and they’ll work with everything else in your closet. Basic black pieces can also stretch your clothing budget, because they endure through changing seasons and trends. When you’re dressing for a full day of work and cocktails to follow, you can use black basics to take you from day into night. Swap your button-down shirt for something a little more bare and colourful. Add great earrings, strappy shoes and go hit happy hour.

5. Focus on your feet.
You don’t have to buy stock in Manolo Blahnik, but a great pair of shoes can make all the difference in your look. From a fabulous stiletto to a gorgeous pair of boots, your footwear is the finishing touch. Let’s face it – there’s nothing like killer heels to make you feel confident and powerful. Oh, and make sure your footwear is polished and clean. This is another one of those details that people really do notice.

6. Welcome the three-way.
Is your blouse bursting at the seams? Is your bra digging into your back? Not only do ill-fitting clothes look unprofessional, you’re not doing your boobs any favours. Forget about sizes and numbers and go by fit. Sizes can vary wildly by designer anyway, so look for pieces that hug your curves without strangling them. On the flip side, you don’t want to swim in your clothes. A great fit shows (but doesn’t overexpose) your shape.

7. Work it.
Style is really a synonym for self-expression. Women like Diane von Furstenberg, Katharine Hepburn and Gwyneth Paltrow are style icons because they’ve followed their own vision – not a roller coaster of changing trends. You’ll feel incredible when your clothes reflect your personality. You can work in the most conservative environment and still add splashes of individuality to your wardrobe. From a printed blouse under a tailored suit to crimson polish in open-toed shoes, think about how to express yourself in ways that are still industry-appropriate.

8. Consider quality.
We’ve all faced this dilemma: You’re shopping for a new coat and it’s down to two contenders. Both charcoal grey, both warm, both perfect for a range of outfits. But one is cashmere and the other is acrylic. One is at the top end of your price range and the other is a major steal. Which coat? Well, when the cheap acrylic disintegrates and starts looking like a stuffed animal on your back, you’ll know you should have splurged for the cashmere. In the long run, quality clothes will actually save you money.

9. Invest in accessories.
Think about it this way. You’re not going to wear the same pair of pants all week (one would hope), but your bag or briefcase is a constant companion. Clients, employers and colleagues will all notice what’s draped on your arm. Invest in a quality piece that reflects your style. And in this age of laptops, cell phones and PDAs, a bag that will carry both your purse and your hardware is a lifesaver.

10. Relax.
Bottom line? Its just fashion. No one’s going to fire you for wearing last season’s Burberry coat. Give it your best shot; know that style matters and that looking groomed and professional are important for your career. Have fun. But if you’re spending more time reading Vogue than actually working, it’s time to re-assess your priorities.