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Little did I know that it can and it will happen to anyone, including myself. Ashamed, not really. I felt, I have found something that I longed for but still would love to have a solution and not hurt anyone. A solution that would help me and the people around me. It may sound so selfish but honestly it’s the pretending and hiding that hurts the most. But being brutally honest is another one too.

How can you be happy and yet sad?

How can you move on and still stuck in the pass?

How can you be the other when someone has you?

Hhhhmmmm,a lot of questions running through my tiny head and yet I felt happy and excited to celebrate life and yet scared what people might say but then again it’s my life, right?

As much as I want to let go, I feel like I can’t and do not want to. I feel like it’s a mistake within a mistake. I know, it’s complicated and things will just get worst. Each step I take I always consider all of these endless questions I got in my head. The what if, and how could you and the endless of it…..

But then again if you’re happy and making you happy shouldn’t it be —— Go for it and have fun? Why am I feeling that way when I know that I shouldn’t be.

Confused, you bet.

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She has accomplished a lot things in her 13 years.

She has made everyone that she met and surrounds her with so much love.

She has many more years to accomplish and probably make her dreams and wishes come sooner.

She has made us her parents super proud of her talents, accomplishment, caring, sensitive, talkativeness and she make sure her feet are on the ground.

Francheska Anne, is her name. She is my 2nd born. She came into my life 13 years ago and our life has never been the same. We are proud of her achievements and how strong-willed of a person she has become.

She drives me and her brother crazy when it comes to cleaning up time. She is after all a kid but that is not an excuse.

Over the time and years we have taught her that everything has a house but seems she can seem to remember where their houses are… funny how she makes excuses each time I say ok it’s time to clean up.

But she never fails to brighten our days and make us laugh until we pee literally.

Cheers and Happy Birthday, Baby!!!

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Can you believe this we are already on our 2nd month of the year…

Dysmenorrhea is not a good thing for any female and the last time I had one was way back in highschool… Little did I know it does come back and this time with a vengeance.

It hurts like I was going to give birth. On the pain scale it was a 12. I barely slept through the night and hubby was scared as well of what’s going on. This is the first time by the way that I had dysmenorrhea since we got married. Kids where so uneasy of what I am going through and sobbing like a kid.

I had to skip work and had to be in bed for almost 2 days… So hard for me for I got my own schedule on what to do and my own deadline. But then again I guess my body is saying something else and not mention we got visitors coming over for the weekend… To make things shortcut life has other plans for visitors got detour and ended up somewhere else.

Super Bowl weekend came and everything went smoothly…

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Heart’s day is just around the corner literally but then I asked myself why on earth I am feeling so distant and unwanted.

Perhaps we are just busy with work and being parents. Stress seems to kill it big time and I do not want this feeling to be so unwanted and alone. My thoughts go crazy…

Feels like I am better off being me… But then again I just hope that this weekend will change things and things will pick up and be back to where it should be.

Aaaahhhhh…. The ingredients of life and making things spicier…

Wish me luck!!!

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Why is it always like these? When everything seems to be fine and normal, something in the horizon is bound to ruined it.

Universe are you telling me something?!?!?!

Do I need to be prepared for the coming days, weeks, months and even year.

Had a quite day today. Clean, organized, redecorate and simply relax while the riots are out.

Happy Weekend Everyone