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Little did I know that some people can be and are interested in what my mind is blogging about. I know I have been on and so off with posting with what I am thinking about and what my mind is ranting about as well.

As we all can see and be, we all have some crazy life to attend and some crazy schedules to juggle and balance but with this insane followers, just gave me enough motivation to keep on blogging what’s on my mind.

It’s just inspiring to know that at least someone out there is interested and willing to read what’s going to your mind. Amazing and simply inspiring!

Let’s keep on blogging.

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So true that it’s hard to find a connection with anyone,not even the person whom you have known for years or even decades. For me connection happens when you’re in the same wave length/frequency. But with that said it doesn’t assure anyone that they will be in that same frequency at all times, right?

They are those times that we seem to be disconnected and trying to seek the right station/frequency. And I always wonder why? Can’t we get the same connection and frequency the same time we are with that person? Why can’t that person whom we know and knew seems disconnected and not understanding us.., or me or you…

Ever wonder…

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Quick Steps to Fake a Tidy Home … Really?

If you think your mother-in-law is in your neighborhood and is planning to drop by then you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is relax and analyze the situation. The place where she will be spending most of her time, occasional lounge sittings and playing with the kids in the living room. Once you have decided which areas she will be utilizing the most, you need to focus on those areas only.

Equip yourself with all sorts of cleaning tools and gadgets because you are now going to fake it:

  • Cloth and paper towels
  • Disposable wipes for cleaning
  • Multi-Purpose sprays
  • Dusters

Now you are all set to learn the art of illusive cleaning and create a spotless home with the following five tips:

Vacuum the main walks ways and Entry
Instant vacuuming makes the house feel a lot cleaner. You can start by cleaning your hallways and entry way using a vacuum cleaner. You should be aware of dust bunnies and stray hairs that settle in corners and are usually ignored.

Clutter Cleanup
If you have dirty dishes and old cluttered crockery lying around then your house is screaming for proper cleaning. If your little ones are creating a mess, then grab a basket for your laundry and collect all the clothes from room to room. You can make things organized by putting unread mail and magazines in a decorative basket. If there are too many clothes, then you should temporarily put them in your garage, a place where guests rarely go.

Wipe it and Tidy UP

Organizing the beds is the simplest manner to tidy up a bed. If you have dirty bed sheets then all you need to do is pull up your comforters so your guests will not notice the dirty bed sheets. Folding blankets and fluffing up your pillows will enhance the tidy look.

Remove pet hair by brushing your couches and other areas with a lint brush. Next you need to use a duster and clean the surfaces that are easily visible.

You can also fake a tidy bathroom by putting away dirty towels and replacing them with fresh ones. Use disinfecting wipes to clean your wash basin and use the all-purpose cleaner to clean the mirrors of all your bathrooms. Make sure your toilet paper and soap dispenser are stocked.

Trash removal
Removing any possible odors and funny smells is only possible by proper waste disposal. You can use an air neutralizer, room freshener or a scented candle to create a “breathe-easy” environment. Keep in mind that you should turn on the air condition and keep you windows open when you are treating the air around you. Sun light and fresh air will always create a healthy environment in your home and makes it feel cleaner.

Applying a Personal Touch
You can distract your guests from any possible clutter or messes with tempting foods or confectionaries. Baking chocolate-chip biscuits will do the job. It keeps your guests distracted while filling the air with the sweet aroma. You can also add a few flowers to vases in your lounge and living room as flowers act as air-neutralizers.


***Are you serious about whats written here? Why fake clean your house when you can really clean it for real… Got this article at Shine.

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Year Of The Water Dragon

Hello 2012….

I am as eager to see what you have in store for us.

I am also hoping to see a lot of good things from you as you come slowly and quietly into our loves.

I am definitely expecting a lot of good stuff for 2012.

Although it ain’t my year I got some good vibes for this year will an amazing one.

Let’s see what the year of the water dragon has to offer…

Happy New Year and Welcome 2012!!!

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2 days after my last post here, a tragedy struck our family. Our father died of a massive heart attack just after hearing mass, had breakfast, running errands and playing with his dogs. He died in his sleep, while taking a rest. He passed away a little over lunch time in peace. He didn’t suffer much.

Around April of this year just after celebrating his 64th birthday I mentioned that he will be mailing a letter got that and never thought that it would be his last letter. In his letter he asked for forgiveness, the details of his burial/cremation and so on. That letter will only be open when has passed away.

Unfortunately, during the day that he passed away, we already made plans. Got the news to series of unconnected phone calls until destination was reached. It was a little after lunch as we were about to have our late lunch, hubby called and spoke with him, got the bad news and as I was trying to determine how to break down the news to my son, my mother, my brother and the people with us during that time, unexpected call from my sister which happened my brother received it we all got emotional and the endless nightmares of family members wanting us to be there ASAP.

We decided to let the tension in the air decrease for it is getting thicker by the minute. Although, we really wanted to see our father and be there for him. We sacrifice a few hours to save of sanity. In my opinion I do not want to see my father being carried in the body bag or stretcher lifeless. I would rather want to remember him the way I envision him in my head.

In short we got there that nite, emotions are fresh and less tension. The next day the planning for his burial, never thought that it would be this difficult but made it through.

Saw him for the last time before being embalm.

Up to these days I must admit that I am still having a hard time of his passing. I surely missed him a lot and would have wish for one day with him.

Miss you Papa and may you rest in peace.