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Finally, my birthday is here. I should be happy and gay that I get to celebrate my special day. I am happy and all don’t get me round. It’s just that I missed my Dad, who happens to make my special day extra special. But my kids and hubby are the ones doing it now, still I missed my Dad.

As for the plan kids got tickets to Madame Butterfly tonight and if not so late will have a later dinner. Let’s see how things will go. It’s raining like cats and dogs right now. Hopefully it will cease in a few hours just in time for our opera of Madame Butterfly.

There is something negative in the air and as much as I tried to shake it off, won’t even. I just hope it will leave soon.

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As the eve of Halloween is here and recession is everywhere? Should we still celebrate Halloween? With the costumes, party and giving out candies? I would vote for YES. Why kill the fun when it’s safe and as long as you are also having fun with it. You are not forced to do something you do not want to and can’t afford, right?

But then again we have to think of tomorrow and for the future. So gotta let the Martha Stewart out in each one of us and prepare something inexpensive and still have fun.

Trick or Treat!!!

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It’s really stressful to organize a home, an office or even your life but once the habit is there and you are getting the hang of it, it will be a lot easier than you expected.

Got some free time? Try to motivate yourself in maybe sorting your mails, filing them in category and even try to color code your closet and drawers.

We all need motivation to make everything a little bit easier and do not be ashamed to ask for help and your unused items can be a big help to others.

You see we got a lot of items used and unused just lying in our drawers or in the boxes of our garages or attic. Maybe one weekend if you ain’t that busy and got the energy to maybe sort some  things and donate them to a local charity.

You will be surprise of what a little motivation can do and makes your house clean and organize and makes you feel good as well.

Happy Cleaning, clearing, organized and arrange and make space.