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Is it worth it?

Often times and not sometimes, I just want to ran somewhere where no one knows me and start fresh. As in change your identity. I know, we should learn to face our problem or anything head on but what if it’s a hopeless case and no end in sight, keep fight?

Sometimes, there are battles worth fighting and others just not worth fighting. I have come to that phase that I am choosing my battles and seems like this battle is not worth it anymore.

Option is giving up or retrieving to a peaceful area…. I would say to save my sanity. Not just for me but for the people around me as well.

Not a tear falls, my heàrt doesn’t skip a beat and we are definitely dancing to a different tunes, we are not in sync..  Did I missed anything?

Makes me wonder is it worth it?


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Funny as it may sound we are all posting hashtag stuff to our daily status in Facebook, Instagram, Overgram and so on and so forth. Funny how all are so into this media social network and seems like you got a stalker knowing your every move and yet here we are still posting of our whereabouts, who we are with and as simple as what’s going on with our daily agenda. I for one is guilty of it as well.

Anyway, I didn’t even knew how this hash tag thing works and how it became oh so popular that I even ask my kids to help me with it on how to make it work. Funny how kids nowadays are oh so techie and yet back at my days we were so athletic and always on go and that is why I always remind my kids to stop, pause and enjoy your childhood.

Anyway, let’s keep ourselves updated with this new stuff and all.

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I am a helpful kind of a person but never did I know that someone can abuse it without me knowingly knowing it. Sucks! Right? I just hated it when you are being helpful to make things better and speed up the process but never in my wildest dream be abused.

Sometimes makes me wonder what were they thinking of doing such an act. Did it helped them and make their lives a little bit easier. A lot of stupid things running through my small brain right now that makes me question their act of kindness according to them.

You help because you wanted to help and not for your own benefit…. Oh Gosh Help!

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Wednesday Scenes

Funny how my morning went from calm to crazy but then again whose morning isn’t crazy, right?

From the scenes of me waiting at a bus stop with another teenage girl, who got dropped off wearing a longer shorts and t-shirt to a shorty short and cami top over a cardigan. Makes me wonder how do they get away with this kind of outfit and acts like a slut.

While on the bus a young mother with her daughter about 2 years was flirting with a toned good looking guy who got concious with how the lady is looking at him. Funny how the lady looks at the guy like she is ready to take him down right there and then.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!