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Wednesday Scenes

Funny how my morning went from calm to crazy but then again whose morning isn’t crazy, right?

From the scenes of me waiting at a bus stop with another teenage girl, who got dropped off wearing a longer shorts and t-shirt to a shorty short and cami top over a cardigan. Makes me wonder how do they get away with this kind of outfit and acts like a slut.

While on the bus a young mother with her daughter about 2 years was flirting with a toned good looking guy who got concious with how the lady is looking at him. Funny how the lady looks at the guy like she is ready to take him down right there and then.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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Just don’t…

Don’t envy me for you think my life is way better than yours, cause it’s not. I got to where I am because I fought for what I have. I crawled and beg to make this life that you envy where it is now.

It my sound so lavish but it’s not. It’s just that life was good and I was good with life.

But not all good ends good.

We learned to survived to the most uncompromising situation.

We learned to live life even if it meant death.

We learned to love even if it meant prison.

We learned to be a mother even if we ain’t ready.

We learned to take things one at a day.

We learned to pray harder each day.

We learned to survive and struggle each day.

Life and living is about you making things a lot better. Making this place a lot better for you and the people who cares about you.

Enjoy life and make the most of it.

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Rage = Cleaning

Friday for others it’s gimik time and for some a time to be with family. This particular Friday as much as I want to be with my family I want to be somewhere else, I know it won’t happen.

So what to do. I clean like I am was going away for good. I clean like I haven’t cleaned before. It felt good and the rage inside me was put into good use.

So what’s tomorrow gonna be?

That I have to wait and see…

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It’s Wednesday and the weekend is almost here. A lot of things to consider and I am not particular of spending this weekend at home. I wanna go out explore and enjoy the weather while it’s not that hot.

But I know it’s not going to happen. I learned not to expect anymore. I have let my expectations run to the drain.

I have learned to just take things one day at a day. I used to plan the whole week ahead of me and that includes the weekend but when one by one the plans that you worked hard for doesn’t push through. You learned to get mad, and just live one day at a time.

Although it is hard for me to be where I am at today. I am still thankful that I am alive and with my kids. I gotta love life to be here and enjoy the pain and happiness that I am going through.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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Venting on a Thursday…

You tried your best but seems you need to be mean and vulgar for the other person read you and get your message be heard.

Does it have to be this way?

And there’s the you gotta express it nicely and sincerely so that the other person receiving your message will understand you and you won’t hurt each other’s feelings.

Does it really work?

When I want something I basically express it and let the concern part knows abou it. But I sometimes sugar coat it and hoping against all odds that it might come true.

Sad to say that sometimes I know that it can happen but because of some financial setbacks that is why it’s taking so long for it to happen.

Sometimes, I wonder where did comprehend and common sense went….