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Tuesday 5

How time flies and look where we are right now…. in the middle of the year and it’s already ending in 5 days.

Oh boy… oh boy!!! How time flies and feels like in an instant that the holidays will be just around the corner.

A lot of things, stuff are going through my head as of the moment. Summer is here and in less than 2 months start will be starting once again. A different school year for others, different school for others and different approach of parenting all over again.

Life has been pretty rough and tough but as we all go through the cycle of life we learned to soften once in a while and we learned to bend and compromise and eventually learned from our mistakes.

Thankful for all the blessings coming right straight ahead of us. Very thankful but somewhat afraid of what’s lying beyond us.

We all dreamed of a happy everlasting but as we all know it doesn’t happened that way. In life we gotta be happy and be sad, it’s the balance of life.

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Wednesday Scenes

Funny how my morning went from calm to crazy but then again whose morning isn’t crazy, right?

From the scenes of me waiting at a bus stop with another teenage girl, who got dropped off wearing a longer shorts and t-shirt to a shorty short and cami top over a cardigan. Makes me wonder how do they get away with this kind of outfit and acts like a slut.

While on the bus a young mother with her daughter about 2 years was flirting with a toned good looking guy who got concious with how the lady is looking at him. Funny how the lady looks at the guy like she is ready to take him down right there and then.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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Call it a woman’s intuition, gut feeling or whatever but I know something is happening. I just hope that it’s not what I am thinking it is. But I also hope that I will know about it sooner and hopefully came to terms of whatever it is cause it’s affecting all of us.

Just so sad thinking about it that things such as what I am feeling can and will happen to anybody. But never thought it can happen to me.

Well, at least I can say I did my best and if giving up is an option, not to me. Will be fighting for it till the end of time.

Call me a martyr or whatever but I am not giving up without a good fight. But I am still hoping it’s a wrong gut feeling and the hunch is not what it is.

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It really would be nice too wake up in any day morning or night to see you love ones resting comfortable and so innocent.

Life has it up’s and downs but there those days when down dominate it. It feels like giving  up but then again you think of your family who is counting on you, you are still lucky cause you got a job. But sometimes insanity kicks in and your world spirals down.

There are a lot of choices out there and it’s all up to us to choose wisely and at the back of our head we are asking our decision, did I chose the right thing?

Life should be lived and every minute spent should be cherish. Life is definitely way too short for bitterness and regret.

Why regret something when it made you smile. 🙂

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Monday Fries

And because we love hurt comes with it… and we wonder and ponder upon of the many why’s….

And because we let our opinions be heard, we are bound to hurt someone…

And because no two human beings are alike a hustle and bustle and endless friction are bound to happen…

A lot of questions and endless answers can be thrown at anybody but no for sure answer can be given and no human can understand what our answers will be,because each human has their own beliefs…. beliefs that can lead to endless debate.

And then we wonder why are going through all of these….

And then silence.