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Finally, my birthday is here. I should be happy and gay that I get to celebrate my special day. I am happy and all don’t get me round. It’s just that I missed my Dad, who happens to make my special day extra special. But my kids and hubby are the ones doing it now, still I missed my Dad.

As for the plan kids got tickets to Madame Butterfly tonight and if not so late will have a later dinner. Let’s see how things will go. It’s raining like cats and dogs right now. Hopefully it will cease in a few hours just in time for our opera of Madame Butterfly.

There is something negative in the air and as much as I tried to shake it off, won’t even. I just hope it will leave soon.

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Papa Lolo 60ish

A weekend with family and surely we were one busy happy campers. Eating here and there. I know it’s not a good way to spend the weekend but when we get together it seems like we eat more than we used too.

It’s nice to see that special occasion such as these are attended by family with smiles from ear to ear.

We missed Uncle Mark’s family and Tita Joan’s family. We wished you were here with us guys.

As the family grows and merged we learned to accept of what the present hold and hope for a brighter future.

Moments such as these are priceless…. I hope that we made your special day extra special…

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SD Trip

Leaving LA and a camera whore we are we snap these pictures… It was a gloomy day upon leaving Granada Hills upon approaching the 210 freeway (picture below) simply breath taking… we took the longer route to just simply spend more time on the road.

What beautiful sight as I snap this picture….

With Ninang Natalie and my sister in law. Which also I celebrate the same birthday with.

At Seaport and left and right photos and the one in the middle going home to sister in laws place after chowing down some good food.