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Since daylight saving has been in full effect and my body clock has been set. I loved taking long walks in the not so even hours and just love clearing my mind and letting me think of many things.

I just love that my blood is circulating well and walking is another formed of exercise and makes me happy. Just hate the bugs hovering….

Anyways, hope you all are adjusting with spring and our daylight saving time.

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Triple digits…

Well, what do we expect right? We are after all living in Sunny California. Lately temperatures are rising and so are the gas prices. The other question would be when will the salary raise?

Anyways, 2 deaths in the music industry. Donna Summer and Robin Gibb both due to cancer. The music industry has lost two of the remarkable talents and artist. Two incredible people who made their respective hits and we are all still enjoying them.

On the other side of the world Italy was hit with a 6.0 earthquake. I am not praying but California is so due to a shook with mother nature. I know it’s coming and I am praying for it to be quick and no fatalities please.

Work has been cruel but loving the busiest part of it. Family is doing well except that hub ‘s leg is swelling again and shortness of breath sometimes. Stubborn as hell and need to be just patience and understand how his stubbornness not helping with his condition. On the other hand my BP has been responding tremendously with the medication and hopefully when I see the doctor this coming week, everything will be a lot better than where we started off.

For now, I am wishing and praying everyone a safe weekend and Ciao!!!


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Crumbling Cookies

A lot has change and changing for the better…

Visited my primary physician yesterday and my blood pressure is not good. EKG was done but results wasn’t what I hoped for. There is still hope and a lot of sacrifices to be done to be better and healthier.

Nope I am not turning into a vegetarian or vegan. No offense but it’s just not me. I have been losing some pounds since the last weigh in and that is a big improvement. Eating sensibly and exercising a little bit more.

It will take time but I will get there. Hopeful my blood pressure will be a lot better by Monday when I make my nursing visit.

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MD visit

And finally after so many months of waiting we finally saw our PCP. He was so nice, concerned and wants his patients to be in the right track to a good and healthy life.

Although the lines where pretty long and our appointment time wasn’t met due to some other patients that needs more attention and time, overall it was worth the wait and time.

But I just didn’t like my daughter’s PCP seems like she was in a hurry. I understand they were overwhelmed of the volume of patients that came that day and the heavy phone calls but it doesn’t justify to hurry things especially if we are seeing the doctor for a thorough physical examination and for the first time.

Anyways, it’s one Friday we all had fun, suffered from waiting but ended up on a good note.

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Funny how it’s been awhile since I last set foot in the library. I find the library not just for enchancing one’s knowledge and doing research. I also find it a place to find peace and some solitude.

Well, for me I found my peace and my solitude in the library, aside from walking, watching the sunset, walking by the beach or in my closet, cleaning, gardening or in church.

We can and still would find peace in places we do not usually think of. These days finding time for oneself is and should be a priority.

And these past fews days I have learned to stop a little bit longer and stayed a bit more than I used too.