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No Rice

It’s been a week now since I forgot about rice. When eating with rice I feel so bloated and so stuffed even if I just ate like a cup of rice.

End of May and 1st week of June has been no rice for me and even at work. My co-workers are also in the no rice zone. How long will this last at work I do not know but for me I am getting to the health habit again of limiting my carbs in take.

I opt rice to salad and sandwiches and watching my sugar intake. I have gave up soda for almost 8 years already and I have been successful with it.

Walking is definitely the best exercise plus you get to check your neighborhood and catch a nice thing or scenery. This I have been succesful at.

Pilate has been a battle for the space and time. But no excuses, right? And I have been doing pilates 1 or 2 a week but I know I need to do it every day at least.

Gotta do what I need to do to stay healthy. I do not aim those curvy body and six pack abs. What I am aiming for is a healthier lifestyle and a healthier ME.

My family has been on the no rice zone also.

Every little step goes a long way.

Good luck to us!!!

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Back in the days as night time falls we hear a lot of natures natural sounds. The chirping of the birds and flapping their wings as they fly, the frogs croaked, while the cats meows and dogs barking here and there.

I missed those nights when I look up at a tree and looks like it’s being lit. I see fireflies.

Nowadays, we hear a lot of car sounds and honking, slowly we are polluting Mother Earth.A lot of trash has and have been dumped here and there and some trash evens up in the storm drain which leads to the ocean. How cruel can we be to our home? Earth is our planet. We should love it and care for it too.

This picture which I grabbed from my sister reminds me of how simple life was and if we really care for it nature will flourish again.

Someday our great grandkids will be able to enjoy a safer and cleaner Earth. Nature will sprung once again and we will be able to see fireflies and more….

Being with nature just makes me smile and be thankful…. 🙂

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Sunday of Thanks


The flowers are from my little garden.

Thankful that blessings do come in different sizes and places. When needed the most it doesn’t and in an unexpected situation it truly saves the day.

Thankful for a wonderful family. Surrounded by laughter and jokes of sorts. Happy to hear each other laugh and sometimes talks together in a manner we all understand. Talking, watching movies and eating are one of our many favorite bonding time with each other.

Thankful that no matter what happens I know where I stand and who stands by me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You know who you are.

Thankful for another day here on earth. Another day to make history and live life to it’s fullest.

Thankful for all the blessings…

Thankful for all the life experiences and a whole lot more ahead of me…

Thank you is not enough and no words can ever fulfill how thankful and grateful I am for all the blessings…


Again Kikay has and have been recruited to audition for another commercial for tv and prints. The first she was brave enough and did her part but wasn’t chosen. The second time she was already in line and back out at the last minute.Let’s see what’s going to happen later today for her 3rd audition. Wish us luck!!!

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Hold My Hand…


A whole lot of things to comprehend and a whole lot of compromising situation. Here I am trying my best to be patient, understanding and respectful. It’s hard but at least I am trying my very best to be open to a lot of options and suggestions.

I just hope that I can withstand and last a little bit longer. I ignore a lot of negativity but sometimes it’s just overwhelming. I keep praying for more strength and more patient everyday.

I know that I am strong and I can surpass this. I just hope you are with me every step of the way.

Hold my hand and we will make it each step of the way.