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2013 Christmas


Another Christmas that I will be missing my Dad. Another year that he is in a much peaceful and better place.

Christmas is not just about gifts but gathering/reunion of loved ones, friends and co-workers. We should not make gifts the center of Christmas instead why we are celebrating it. But then again not every grown-ups willbe able to comprehend, right?

As we are all busy preparing our place for His arrival, may we also offer some prayers for our loved ones who went ahead of us, the sick and needy and for each and everyone.

May we all have a joyous and memorable Christmas!!! Let’s make more memories for a lifetime.

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Merry Christmas

Hope you had a wonderful, amazing and awesome Christmas. We surely did and what an awesome time to spend with family and friends. Although, we will be missing our dearest dad for this Christmas and knowing that he is in a much better place but we are so rocking our Christmas with our dearest mother. For the first time after how many years far from each other. Of course the Christmas family and friends drama never seem to seize on any occasion. Just brightens and make the holiday extra spicy…. 🙂

Baking has what had become with my Christmas I just thought of trying out baking some Food for the Gods and some Chocolate Chip Cookies and the rest is history.

So far so good and thanks for the appreciations and everything that I baked came out pretty good and yum-oh.


Merry Christmas Everyone!!!